Thursday, July 25, 2013

Favorite Lippies for Summer

I used to only wear lip gloss, so I don't have a major lipstick collection. But trust me...I'm working on it! These are the ones I've been reaching for most often this Summer.

Top Row (left to right):
MAC - Haute Altitude, NYX - Louisiana, MAC - Scarlet Ibis

Bottom Row (left to right):
MAC - RiRi Boy, Lime Crime - Poisonberry

I know Poisonberry is probably not what most people think of as a summery shade, but sometimes I like a darker lip with a lighter, sparkly eye. I'm also waiting on Babette by Lime Crime...I'm sure once she gets here, it will be my new favorite. I'm hoping it will replace Haute Altitude, even though I know they are not very similar. I always fall in LOVE with limited edition lippies, and I can't stop myself from wearing them, even though I know I can never replace them. Oh well! 

What are your favorite summer shades?

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