Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Product Review: Not Your Mother's Beach Babe

Oh my sweet baby Jesus. I love the Not Your Mother's Beach Babe products!!. I've never had wash & wear hair. It's not curly. It's not straight. It frizzes. It flies away. Except for after I take a dip in the ocean, it always looks beautiful! Sadly, I live in a desert. So I've had to just live with heat-styling my frizzy mess.

Until now...

This doesn't completely eliminate heat for me, but it cuts out 90% of it. After washing my hair, I spray Texturizing Sea Salt Spray liberally through my hair, making sure to get between the layers. The bottle says to use a couple spritzes, but that's not nearly enough. Don't brush your hair, just run your fingers through it and style it in the direction you want it to dry, scrunch it a little, then let it air dry about 50%. I don't know how to describe the 50% feeling, but you'll know. If you have the Texturizing Hair Cream, apply it to your ends at this point. Then, blow-dry with a diffuser. And that's basically it! You can use the spray alone, but I found that I just needed to definitely curl my ends. With the cream added, I barely need to blow-dry at all. I did try hair spray with it once, but it looked weird and I really had to run my fingers through it for a while to get myself to look less homeless.

 The first day I wore my hair this way, I got a "ooooh, luxurious!" from my hubby. He has only noticed my hair once before that. So it was a pretty big deal. If you want a little more definition, you can touch it up with a curling iron once it's dry as well. I like to wrap my hair around the barrel without using the clip for this part. I mostly curl a few sections around my face and leave the rest as-is.

I haven't tried any other products from Not Your Mother's. If you have, please let me know if you recommend them! They've been very hard for me to find seems that there are only a couple stores in my area that carry them, and they're almost always sold out!

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