Saturday, August 31, 2013

EOTD: Inspired by UCLA Bruins

I'm a Bruin fan by marriage. I will freely admit that! I scoured YouTube and google images for UCLA-inspired makeup, but I didn't really find anything I liked. So I created my own look! Here it is:

On my lid, I used a mix of Mochi and Afterparty and Goldilux for the liner - all Sugarpill. I blended into the crease with a Milani bronzer. Lower liner is Urban Decay Radium. My lips are MAC Snob with a Chanel gloss...the name rubbed off and I have no idea what it is.

After literally putting my game face on, my hubbs said, "hey, let's just stay home and watch the game!" So I did all this just to sit on the couch and eat nachos!!

Link your favorite team-inspired makeup in my comments!

First Impression: Clinique 3-Step System for Oily Skin

I received this as a sample from Sephora. The full size set is $44, which includes the cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. While the sample package was designed to last two-days, I found that each pod had enough product for multiple uses. So it actually lasted five days.

The sample set included two of these pod packs.

1: Cleanser. Not particularly foamy, as I like my cleansers to be. I just feel like they're working better if I see suds. But I did like the look and feel of my skin after using it.

2: Clarifying Lotion: For ease of use, I opened all the pods and emptied them into my travel toner spray bottle. When you spray it, it burns your lungs. I literally had to hold my breath, step out of the bathroom, then run back inside before breathing again. They claim the toner is alcohol-free, but I find that VERY hard to believe!!

3: Moisturizer: Nice texture but I felt that my skin still felt a little tight in some areas after using. I didn't find it particularly moisturizing.

For the sake of reviewing, I did not use a lot of my normal skin care products for these four days. I stopped using my Dermalogica cleanser & moisturizer, my Yonka toner, and my Josie Maran argan oil. I did continue using my Lush mask & Purity cleanser.

The Pros:
  • Relatively unscented. I'm very picky with smells.
  • Relatively low-cost, when I consider how expensive my favorite Dermalogica products are.

The Cons:
  • I didn't like the moisturizer.
  • I need my toner in spray form. I just hate applying it otherwise.
  • I really have this thing about sudsy cleansers.
The Verdict:
My skin does have a more satin appearance, and I don't notice any dry patches. I did have a couple of uncharacteristic breakouts, but I don't know if that's due to my skin getting used to a new product or if this stuff just doesn't work. Although my skin looks pretty oil-free when I wake up, it doesn't do anything for oil control through the day.

Will I purchase the full-sized set? 
Not likely. I may purchase the cleanser on its own at some point. But the toner gets a huge thumbs down and the moisturizer doesn't really do anything for me. 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

August Favorites

Another month has gone by, and it's been a very busy beauty month for me! My wallet has paid the price, but it was my birthday month. So I'll blame it on that! If Mac's Antonio Lopez collection wasn't coming out next month, I would do a no-buy. But why set myself up for failure? I'll just try to be good. Lol. Anyway, here are my August faves:

2: Sugarpill Cold Chemistry Palette 
3: Sugarpill Burning Heart palette 
4: MUFE Aqua Shadow Pencils
5: Enkore Makeup Brush Soap

I basically bought a lot of stuff that I really liked this month. It's a little comforting to know that even though I had a very spendy month, everything I purchased turned out to be a favorite. What were your August faves?

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Product Review: Tarte BB Cream

If you read my post about Maybelline's BB Cream, you already know I love Tarte's BB cream. I'm shade Medium, and for reference, I'm an NC35. I purchased mine from Sephora for $34. And allow me to brag on myself a little here...I used my Viggle points to knock it down to $4. Plus it's my birthday month, so I got my bday gift, my samples, and used a promo code for Clinique skincare samples. That's a lot of stuff for four bucks!

This is the only BB cream I've found that can be used on it's own. I have rosacea, so my skin gets pretty red. I'm really a full-coverage foundation kind of girl. However, there are times I don't necessarily want full makeup, but I don't want my redness to show. For those times...there is Tarte BB cream. I never thoughtI was a BB cream girl until I received a trial size of this product from Sephora.

The Pros:
  • Gives medium coverage while still giving you the no-makeup look.
  • Buildable.
  • Lovely texture, goes on smoothly.
  • Also great as a primer. I use mine before foundation when I'm going out and don't want to have to think about touch-ups.
The Cons:
  • A bit pricey compared to drug store brands.
  • Often out of stock (in my shade).
  • Not a wide variety of shades...I'm extremely lucky that Medium is a perfect match.

p.s. If you're curious as to what the heck Viggle points are...the Viggle app is downloadable to your phone or iPad, and it gives you points every time you check into t.v. shows. (I watch a lot of t.v.) I've been using the app since February and have traded in points for three $10 Sephora gift cards. It's a good way to have one hobby pay for another. lol

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Favorite Lipsticks for Fall

I know Summer is still in full swing, but I'm gonna make myself feel better about this stinkin heat and daydream about cooler weather for a minute! I don't completely change my makeup with the seasons, because I just go with what I'm feeling each day. But in theory, if I did have a Fall collection of lipsticks, these would be my favorites:

(from left to right)

YSL: Rouge Volupte #19
The perfect berry color, can be used more sheer or build to opaque. Plus it smells fantastic! I need more of these in my life.
NYX: Natural
A really pretty pink. Great for smokey eyes when you want a little more than nude lips.
MAC: Apres Chic (LE)
A more subtle red. I like it for daytime.
MAC: Scarlet Ibis (LE)
Orangey-red goodness. I love this one!
NYX: Alabama
Deep, rich of my favorite reds ever.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Product Review: Makeup Forever Aqua Brow

Ever since one of my MUA friends introduced me to Aqua Brow, it has been one of my holy grail products. Before this came along, I was using loose shadow mixed with foundation. Basically, it does the same thing but with a lot less effort. I purchased mine from Sephora for $20, which may seem expensive for the little tube, but you only need the tiniest amount - about the size of a grain of rice will cover both brows. It will last a looooong time.

I use #25 - Ash, and apply it with ELF's small eyeliner brush. I also use Anastasia clear brow gel just on the ends because those little hairs like to go haywire on me. Once you apply it, you can rest assured it will not budge until you remove it! I've been in the ocean with this stuff on - no judgement! I didn't know when I put my makeup on that morning that I would end up in the water ;)

One best friend loves using brow pencils, and she did not like Aqua Brow. I don't like the look of pencils on myself. So if you're used to brow pencils and love them, you'll definitely want to ask for a sample before purchasing this.

Will I repurchase? Duuuuuh. I'm definitely going to ask for a sample of other shades when I go back to Sephora, too. I have black hair, so #25 is my closest match. But I'm curious to see how the lighter shades look on me.

Top: L-The tube, R-more than enough to cover both brows.
Bottom: L-Before, R-After

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Dupe-able? Sugarpill Cold Chemistry

I've seen a couple of people comment on Sugarpill's Cold Chemistry shades being "unoriginal." Ruuuuuude!! I knew I had a couple close shades in my collection, so I figured I'd do a swatch comparison.

Top: Soot & Stars, Diamond Eyes. Bottom: Elemental Chaos, Subterrenean

Sugarpill: Soot & Stars vs. Urban Decay: Barracuda and Gunmetal
Soot & Stars actually has a slight green tint, which is not showing very well on camera. It's much darker than either UD shade.

Sugarpill: Diamond Eyes vs. Toki Doki: Diamante
Diamond Eyes is a cooler tone white. Diamante (discontinued) has chunky glitter and a pink tint - which I had never noticed until it was next to Diamond Eyes. If you can see all that glitter on my's all fallout from Diamante.

Sugarpill: Elemental Chaos vs. MAC Violet pigment and Urban Decay: Gravity
Elemental Chaos has blue flecks. Violet pigment is more iridescent, and Gravity looks a little more muddy.

Sugarpill: Subterranean vs. Sugarpill: Junebug and Urban Decay: Loaded
Subterranean has maybe a hint of teal? I can't put my finger on it. Junebug is more yellow, and Loaded is actually pretty close but more forest-ish.

The Verdict:
At least as far as my collection goes...Cold Chemistry is un-dupe-able. Not only concerning color, but also quality of product. I used to be major into Urban Decay, but now that I applied the brands side-by-side, there is such a huge difference in smoothness and pigmentation.

Like what you see? Click on the Sugarpill banner in my sidebar to order! Enjoy ;)

Saturday, August 24, 2013

First Impression: Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Cream

I received this as a sample with my latest Sephora purchase. This is not a full-on review, because I obviously only got to use it three times. But I feel like I got enough use out of it to give an honest opinion.

Image from

The Pros:
  • Goes on smoothly.
  • Nice texture.
  • Does make my face feel more hydrated.
The Cons:
  • Pricey. $55 for 1.7 oz
  • The smell is putrid. Halfway between banana peel and old lettuce.
Would I purchase the full size?
Not a chance. While I do like the feel and the results, it's not worth the money. Especially if I have to worry about smelling like I just crawled out of a dumpster.

p.s. Sephora dropped the ball on my samples. They sent me four samples instead of three...which would be great, but none of them were ones that I had chosen. Someone is out there enjoying my Bumble & Bumble shampoo sample. I hope you're happy....whoever you are!

Friday, August 23, 2013

First Impression: Sugarpill Cold Chaos Palette

If you know me, you know I love Sugarpill Cosmetics. I've been waiting for this palette to be released since they teased it about a year ago. So even though I had already bought my birthday present...I couldn't resist picking this little gem up too.

This palette, a collaboration with Amelia Arsenic, shows a little bit of a darker side to dark as shimmery shadows can get, anyway. The packaging describes this as "an elemental collision of dark glamour and nocturnal worlds." The shadows are also sold individually, and will be a part of Sugarpill's permanent collection.

Soot & Stars
Shimmery charcoal grey. It's so pretty, and I don't believe I have anything like this. It's maybe a darker and prettier version of Urban Decay's Gunmetal.

Diamond Eyes
A shimmery white. It does remind me of Toki Doki's Diamante shadow, but without the chunky glitter. Diamante is discontinued, so I'm happy to have a good replacement.

Elemental Chaos
I'm not a fan of purple in general, but for some reason, I love purple eye shadows! This one did not disappoint. At first glance, it looks a little like MAC's Grape pigment...I'll have to do a comparison swatch later.

Gorgeous, shimmery forest green. Beautiful shade, and I can't wait til Fall, so I can use and abuse it every day. It may resemble Sugarpill's Junebug, but I'm sure it's darker. I'll swatch these later as well.

The Pros:
  • It's a palette full of perfect shadows. There's not a bad one in the bunch.
  • They blend gorgeously.
  • You can put together a complete eye look with the whole palette without looking like an accident.

The Cons:
  • One thing I don't like is that the palette is not the same size as the other Sugarpill palettes. That may seem like a dumb thing to be bummed out about, but that's borderline important to me.

My eotd featuring all four Cold Chemistry shadows

Thursday, August 22, 2013


My new nails! I had a completely different vision when I walked in. Sadly, they were out of one of the colors I wanted. So I kind-of rushed into this decision, but I feel good about it! My lady used a coat of white polish under the yellow to make it more opaque, since the yellow on its own is usually streaky. As usual, I don't know the names of these colors. But I know China Glaze and Sinful Colors have shades similar to the yellow.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Product Review: Latisse

I've been using Latisse for just about a year now, and it has worked really well for me. Latisse claims to help your lashes grow "longer, thicker, and darker." For me, I have definitely noticed a dramatic difference in length and fullness. My lashes are naturally black, so I don't notice any difference in color, but I have seen it have that effect on other people. Sadly, I don't have a before photo, so I can't show you a comparison. But you can see my lashes on my Instagram..99% of my pics show my "natural" lashes. I rarely use false lashes anymore.

Photo from

The Pros:
  • It works!
  • It comes with disposable applicators, so you use a fresh one every day. Not like other products I've seen where you use the same brush every time. Definitely a plus.
  • Less maintenance than lash extensions, and you won't have to mess with falsies as often.
The Cons:
  • Initially pricey. Once you're on your maintenance dose, it's not as bad.
  • It is said to cause discoloration of your lids and eyes. This has NOT happened to me or anyone I know, but it is a listed side effect.
  • Once you stop using it, your lashes will slowly return to normal.
  • Know what you're getting into: You do have to use it every night for the first couple of months to see good results. I've seen girls use it every 2-3 days and then complain they don't see a ton of growth. If you follow the directions, you will be MUCH happier!
  • Once you achieve the desired effect, you can cut down to every 2-3 days. I've used mine once or twice a week ever since I hit my two-month mark, and my lashes are amazing.
  • I usually apply mine just to the outer half/third of my lash line. This gives me more of a flared effect.
  • You may want to consider lash perming once your lashes get long. I've tried it a couple times but it lasts 6-8 weeks and I don't like the upkeep. Your lash curler will be your new best friend.
  • Consult with your eye doctor before starting Latisse.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Product Review: Lush - Mask of Magnaminty

Of course...right after I posted my skin care routine, I added something new. Mask of Magnaminty by Lush. I didn't spell that wrong. It's minty and magnanimous. At the same time.

The Pros:
  • Smells like mint. Love.
  • It draws your blackheads to the surface.
  • Not drying, like other masks I've tried.
  • Exfoliates as you wash it off.
  • It's green, so it makes you feel like a housewife from the 50s. I happen to like that.

The Cons:
  • It's very thick and chunky, so it's not super easy to spread on.
  • It's made of natural products, so it does expire.
  • Although it brings the blackheads to the surface...that's where they stay. 

Overall...I like this product quite a bit. I love how my skin feels and looks after using it. I try to use it once or twice a week, on mornings when I know I'll have time to wait for the mask to dry and wash it off before putting makeup on. My makeup goes on sooooo nicely after using the mask. As I stated in my skin care post, I don't typically add a step to my morning routine, but this has been a nice change. I may try using pore strips after this mask...I just don't have any on hand so I haven't experimented yet.

Will I repurchase? Not sure. First, I want to try Glam Glow Supermud. I'll decide on repurchasing Mask of Magnaminty after I get a chance to evaluate the Supermud. 

Whats your favorite mask?

This is what morning looks like at our house!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Product Review: Maybelline Color Tattoos

For the most part...I am pro-color tattoos. I have a pretty good collection, and there are only a couple that I don't think are great. But even the ones I don't like as much are still useable, at least as a base.

The Pros:
  • Fairly inexpensive. I've found these everywhere from $4 - $7, depending on where I shop.
  • Great variety of colors.
  • Usually pretty pigmented.
  • Will not budge or crease.

The Cons:
  • The limited edition shades are always so hard to find. Sometimes I'll find a random display of LE shades from a couple seasons back. I think they just don't like my city.
  • Some of them tend to dry out - spraying with Fix+ helps.
  • I wish they had more matte shades.
  • I've found a couple that look great in the pot and then apply virtually color-less.

I will definitely continue purchasing these...I just hope they do a better job at getting their LE shades to more areas.

My collection (so far)

Just a few primer used.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Product Review: Maybelline Vivids Lipstick

I've seen all sorts of hype surrounding the Maybelline Vivids collection. It took me a while to choose a shade, but I finally settled on #905 - Brazen Berry. The color is the tube. I was so disappointed to find that it was completely sheer on my lips! When a product has "VIVIDS" in the name, I expect it to be a punch of color. I posted a comment on Instagram somewhere talking about how sheer these lipsticks are, and everyone agreed, but said "they're great over another lipstick." Ummm...whats the point of that? I'm a firm believer that if something doesn't stand up on it's own, it's not worth purchasing. If I wanted a sheer wash of color, I would've loved this lipstick. However, they shouldn't call it "vivid," and name it "brazen," if all you get is a product that is this sheer. I'm keeping it, because when I DO want a sheer lip (which is not very often, but it might happen), I'll still use it. I'm mostly bitter about the poor color payoff in a product named VIVIDS. Ugh! Ok...rant over!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Battle of the Brush Cleaners: ELF Daily Brush Cleaner spray vs. Enkore Pro Brush Soap

I have to start this post by saying I hate most ELF products. So you may think I'm biased, but I have very good reasons for everything I hate.

These products are really not the same type of product at all. The only reason I'm comparing them to eachother is because they are the only two products I've purchased that were specifically meant for the purpose of cleaning brushes.

ELF Daily Brush Cleaner
It's supposed to be comparable to MAC's brush cleanser. It's meant for spot-cleaning, day to day. I purchased it at Target for $3.00. As you can tell in the photo below, there is very little difference between the before (top) & after (bottom).


  • It's cheap.
  • It gets a small amount of product off...I guess it's ok if you're in a pinch.
  • It leaves the bristles very stiff, so the brush is uncomfortable to use until you wash it well.
  • You have to use a ton of spray on your paper towel/tissue AND on the brush for any type of result.
  • You can get just as much (or more) product off by swiping your brush on a dry paper towel.

Enkore Pro Brush Soap
This is a little bar of brush soap, with a smooth side, and a loofah side. I purchased it online for $11.95 including shipping. They are $8.00 each. These before (top) and after (bottom) photos are dramatically different than the ELF ones. The before has much more product than the brush I used for the ELF cleaner, yet the after is much cleaner. They do carry a variety of scents and unscented soaps. I chose Tangerine.

  • It works very well.
  • The smell is potent but not overpowering.
  • I leaves your brushes soft, so it doesn't feel like needles are stabbing your eyelids after cleaning.
  • The loofah side seems very minimal - I was expecting it to be more texturized.

So no surprise...I definitely prefer the Enkore soap. But, as you can tell from the photos, I have very good reason for it. I will absolutely be purchasing more Enkore soaps in the Future. As for the ELF spray, I'll probably leave it out on the curb and hope someone comes by to pick it up.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Review: Black Heart Beauty

My collection of Black Heart Beauty products is basically the result of a series of bad decisions. I think I keep buying things because a) they go on sale pretty often, 2) I keep hoping that this time will be different. 

Eye Liners

  • Inexpensive.
  • That's it.
  • Hard to work with.
  • The liquid liner has a plastic-like texture that peels off while you're wearing it.
  • The pen liners stain terribly.
  • The pencil liner just doesn't work.

Nail Polishes

  • Inexpensive (I got most of these for under a dollar each).
  • Good color selection.
  • The old packaging is super cute.
  • The new packaging (skull head) is not cute.
  • The layer polish just comes out looking like the color my mom refers to as "wine vomit."
  • Inconsistent as far as quality. Some polishes are one-coaters, some are more like five-coaters.

Would I repurchase any of the products above?
I will never buy any other Black Heart Beauty product. Unless they bring back the old style nail polish packaging. Those, I would buy, but only from the clearance section.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hair Care: How to Grow Long & Strong!

A year ago, I would've never been able to write this post or give any advice on having happy hair. My hair was miserable! I chopped all my hair off years ago, and when I decided to grow it out, my brilliant idea was just to never cut it again. I'd always heard people say getting regular trims helps your hair grow, but I just thought that sounded counter-productive. Thinking I knew better led to unhealthy, brittle, damaged hair. And soooo may split ends. Then I learned the reasoning behind the "trimming makes your hair grow" idea. Basically...if the ends are healthy, they won't break off. If your ends are brittle, you'll end up with a lot of breakage and your hair won't grow past a certain point. So I finally caved in and asked my friend for her stylist's number. That was probably the smartest decision I ever made for my hair. She started by trimming only an inch and cutting in some layers. I was so happy, because I was convinced she would tell me she had to cut off a lot more than that. Along with regular trims, I started a little hair care routine. It's nothing major and it's inexpensive. I'm so happy with the current state of my hair, that I wanted to share what I've been doing:

  • Once a week, I deep condition my hair. I use a mix of Olive and Coconut oils. I take 2-3 tablespoons of each in a bowl, add a little water, then microwave for 10 seconds at a time, until it melts together. Then apply it through your hair, making sure to really get the roots and the ends. I clip it all on top of my head, then put a shower cap over it, and a topsy twist over that. I leave this on either all day or overnight, depending on my schedule. Then just shampoo and condition as normal.
  • Also once a week, I use a conditioning mask by Organix. I leave it in for about 5 minutes while in the shower, and usually on Wednesday/Thursday. I do the deep conditioning on Saturday/Sunday. 
  • Once I get out of the shower, I put my hair in my topsy twist for maybe 10 minutes. When I take the towel off, I apply Redken Heat Styling Thermo Actif, concentrating on the ends. 
  • I let my hair air dry until it's just barely damp, then I blow dry it using a nozzle attachment and a paddle brush. 
  • In the morning, I either flat-iron or curl my hair. When curling, I use John Freida Full Repair Style Revival Styling Spray. When flat-ironing, I use Organix Flat Iron Spray.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Spotlight: Organix Hair Care

What can I say... Organix changed my life. Or at least my hair's life. I think I've become a bit of an addict. Since I've started using Organix, my hair has been so much healthier. Combined with the fact that I'm also getting regular trims, but I'll go into that on another post.

The Shampoos:
I always keep two varieties of shampoo in the shower. I rotate what I'm using depending on the benefit listed on the bottle (Hydrating, Repairing, Rejuvenating, Anti-Breakage, etc...).

The Conditioners:
I keep two conditioners in the shower and one hair mask. The conditioners, I also rotate through my stock. The hair mask, I usually just buy one at a time, and it's just whatever I can get my hands on for a reasonable price. I only use the mask for five minutes in the shower (after shampoo & conditioner), but I've also seen some people use it as an over-night mask...I might try that sometime, but I'm pretty happy with my current over-night routine.

The Rest:
I love the flat iron spray! It leaves my hair so silky and shiny, but not greasy-looking. I did *not* like the Moroccan Argan Penetrating Oil as much...I felt like it weighed my hair down and it looked dirty by the end of the day. I only use it now if I curl my hair and tease it...I find a tiny amount scrunched through keeps the fly-aways under control.

The Pros:
  • I've seen a positive change in my hair.
  • Most of them smell great.
  • Good variety of products with multiple benefits.
  • They're regularly on sale - I check the shampoo aisle every time I'm in a store, just in case!
The Cons:
  • The Moroccan Oil Argan Creme smells atrocious. I only forced myself to use the entire bottle because I purchased it for about $2 more than I normally pay for their products, when I forgot to pack my shampoo on vacation. Ugh.
  • The conditioners are very thick and can be quite hard to squeeze out. I have to pull out my ninja tricks sometimes just to get enough out.

Sunday, August 11, 2013


My latest nails make me happy. The party nail looks like Candy Crush! I don't do my nails myself, because I get gel on top of acrylic. So I don't know the name or brand of the polish, but I thought I'd share anyway. I think the color was called "sexy," but I could be wrong. I know that a lot of people feel like acrylic AND gel is a bit of overkill, but I'm pretty hard on my nails. Plus, I HATE to see chips. I feel like there's no point in paying to get a mani if you're gonna walk around with raggedy nails. So I go the extra mile and get them reinforced. I keep my designs simple, because I want my nail lady to like me. I tried to get fancy once, and she still talks about it the way I talk about getting my wisdom teeth taken out. they are!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Spotlight: Sugarpill Cosmetics

Sugarpill Cosmetics is one of my favorite brands. In case you haven't heard or seen much of them yet, I wanted to share it with you. I originally fell in love with their shadows when an MUA friend of mine swatched Goldilux on the back of my hand. It's the perfect gold, and so convinced me to order the Zillionaire Loose Eyeshadow Trio, which includes Goldilux, Junebug, and Hysteric. Since then, I've gotten my hands on a few other goodies, and I've never been disappointed. I don't have a massive collection, but here are the swatches:

I just noticed the Junebug swatch has a little Hysteric around the edges. It is actually only green...sorry!

Some of the reasons I'm in love with Sugarpill? Glad you asked...

  • Unique shades.
  • Super pigmented.
  • Adorable packaging.
  • Consistently high quality.
  • Founder Amy Doan is the cutest person on earth (see exhibit A below).

Photo from

Friday, August 9, 2013

Red Alert!

For those of you interested...MAC has some RiRi products back in stock! As of right now, RiRi Woo and Heaux are still available! Sadly, RiRi Boy is already sold out...and of course, that's the one I would've gotten a backup for! Oh well. The other two are gorgeous as well, but I can see myself quickly using up my RiRi Boy. The other two will take me a while!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Eyeliner Problems

Oh my lord. Winged liner. Does it ever get easy? It looks fine in person, but once I got a pic, it looks ragged! Oh well. Here is today's face, with my annoying liner and Strong Woman by MAC on my lips. 


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Quick Swatch: Makeup Forever Neutral Flash Palette

Super quick post today...My new Flash Palette just came in and I wanted to share the swatches with you all. Hopefully I'll be able to do a more in-depth review soon, once I get the hang of using it more. For now, here's a little peek...enjoy!

It was still a little sweaty, because it's hot outside. So that's why a couple of colors look drippy.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Happy Birthday to MEEEEEE

I love my birthday. I usually celebrate August as "the month of me." This year is no exception. I've already found my gift to me. It's the new Makeup Forever neutral flash palette! So perfect. I've always eye-balled the original flash palette, and have always talked myself out of it. But when I saw this little gem...all of my little voices just said, "DO IT!"

Image from Google

...and I said, "ok!" Isn't she beautiful?

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Product Review: Maybelline BB Cream

I'm really a full-coverage foundation kinda  girl. So I never intended to purchase any BB creams. Until I got Tarte's BB cream as a sample from Sephora, and I loved it! However, my shade is always out of stock. So I set out to find something comparable.

I had good luck with other Maybelline products, so I figured I would try their BB. do I say sucks. 

I hate it! It goes on SO sheer. It barely has any purpose. I get the "no makeup" look, but this really leaves you looking like you don't have any kind of makeup on. Not in a good way. Used as a primer, it's no good. With the Tarte BB, I looked great all day. With Maybelline's, I feel like it doesn't last at all, and it seems to repel my foundation after a while. 

I'll keep searching for the (other) perfect BB. At least until I can get my shade from Tarte!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

July Favorites

My July favorites happen to also be some of my all-time favorites. I did some damage this month, but it was some of the prettiest damage you've ever seen. And here they are...

  • MAC Lipstick in RiRi Boy. This is one of the most perfect colors for me. I'm dying over it.
  • Lime Crime Lipstick in Babette. Another perfect color for me. Oh my lord. I've worn it almost every day since she got here. I've tried it with all different glosses and it's always gorgeous.
  • Lime Crime Velvetine in Red Velvet. It is EVERYTHING. If you get one red lipstick in your life...make it this one. It goes so smoothly, and it dries with a velvety finish. So beautiful.
  • Sugarpill Eye Shadow in Asteria. I feel like the heavens part, the sun shines on my soul, and little birdies sing every time I open the lid. It's so lovely, and I'm so glad I was able to get one. But so sad it's LE...I feel like a part of me is dying every time I use it. But it makes me so happy! Dilema.

That's it for July! I'm already working on a bad girl. I think I've already made it to makeup jail for the month. Brutal.

Skin Care Routine: Oily Skin

My skin was great until I turned 29. I rarely had breakouts. I had even tone. Then one day, I just woke up and found that my body was rejecting my skin. My face became red and blotchy, and I had breakouts at random times, in random areas. I've been battling since then to find something that works for me, and I finally have a routine that is making me look like a normal person again. Mind you...I'm now 33. So it's been a journey!

The most important part about a skin care routine is the ROUTINE! You have to, have to, have to make it a part of your daily life. If you miss a day here and there, don't beat yourself up over it, but don't missed days become the norm. Most of why I've failed in the past is because I get cocky when my skin starts to look good, and I start to slack on my skin care. So now I just MAKE time.

About my skin...Although I technically have combination skin, the majority of my face is oily. So I just treat myself as an oily-skinned girl. I tend to purchase products for oily skin, not combination skin. I also have rosacea, which just sucks.

My morning routine:

  • Splash warm water on my face and towel dry.
  • Use a makeup remover wipe if I need to get any leftover raccoon bits off. 
  • Spray Yonka toner all over.
  • Use Dermalogica Active Moist moisturizer while the toner is still wet.  

My nighttime routine:

  • Remove my makeup with wipes. 
  • Spray toner all over. 
  • Apply Josie Maran argan oil while toner is still wet. 
  • Plus, one miscellaneous product each night, after removing my makeup.  

My miscellaneous routine:

I don't have specific days for these...I just go by how my skin feels and how much time I have.

  • Milk of Magnesia Mask: 
    • I originally purchased this because it's said to be great for oil control when used prior to foundation. It didn't work that way for me. However, used as a mask, it has helped combat my redness. Just apply liberally all over your face and rinse off with warm water once it dries.
  • Philosophy Purity Cleansing Gel: 
    • I use this in the shower every time I wash my hair. Just because it gives me something to do while I'm conditioning, so it kills two birds with one stone. The amount of days I use this varies greatly because I don't like to wash my hair every day, but sometimes I have to depending on my workout schedule. I love this because it makes my skin feel really clean and it also takes off all my eye makeup without irritating my eyes.
  • H2O Sea Kelp Body Scrub: 
    • My husband actually gets credit for this one. It's a body scrub but I use a little bit mixed with the Philosophy cleanser for my face. It's been a great addition to my routine. I have a lot less redness since I've started to use it.
  • Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel: 
    • I use this a couple times a week - on the days I don't use my Philosophy cleanser.
  • Josie Maran Argan Cleansing Oil: 
    • I know it sounds weird...why am I using oil to clean my oily face?  But it works. I didn't like it when I used it alone, but now I add it to my Dermalogica cleanser and I feel like using them together really does the trick. This is similar to Mac's oil cleanser - I can't remember the name, and Dermalogica's Pre-Cleanse.
  • Dermatouch Mini: 
    • I had started to use this every day when I first got it, but it was a little too much. Now, I just use it twice a week or so - usually when I use my cleanser/cleansing oil combo. I love that it gets deep down to remove any trace of makeup, even after I've already used my wipes. I bought this on Haute Look, but I just looked it up online and it looks like they sell it at Target, too.

Other random tips:
  • Drink your water! This is soooo important, but so many people don't do it.
  • Clean your makeup brushes! easily looked over, but it doesn't matter how clean your skin is if you're rubbing dirty brushes all over your face every day...eww!
  • Don't pick! I know it's hard, but when you do have a break out, do your best to leave it alone. I've learned this the hard way. 

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