Friday, August 16, 2013

Battle of the Brush Cleaners: ELF Daily Brush Cleaner spray vs. Enkore Pro Brush Soap

I have to start this post by saying I hate most ELF products. So you may think I'm biased, but I have very good reasons for everything I hate.

These products are really not the same type of product at all. The only reason I'm comparing them to eachother is because they are the only two products I've purchased that were specifically meant for the purpose of cleaning brushes.

ELF Daily Brush Cleaner
It's supposed to be comparable to MAC's brush cleanser. It's meant for spot-cleaning, day to day. I purchased it at Target for $3.00. As you can tell in the photo below, there is very little difference between the before (top) & after (bottom).


  • It's cheap.
  • It gets a small amount of product off...I guess it's ok if you're in a pinch.
  • It leaves the bristles very stiff, so the brush is uncomfortable to use until you wash it well.
  • You have to use a ton of spray on your paper towel/tissue AND on the brush for any type of result.
  • You can get just as much (or more) product off by swiping your brush on a dry paper towel.

Enkore Pro Brush Soap
This is a little bar of brush soap, with a smooth side, and a loofah side. I purchased it online for $11.95 including shipping. They are $8.00 each. These before (top) and after (bottom) photos are dramatically different than the ELF ones. The before has much more product than the brush I used for the ELF cleaner, yet the after is much cleaner. They do carry a variety of scents and unscented soaps. I chose Tangerine.

  • It works very well.
  • The smell is potent but not overpowering.
  • I leaves your brushes soft, so it doesn't feel like needles are stabbing your eyelids after cleaning.
  • The loofah side seems very minimal - I was expecting it to be more texturized.

So no surprise...I definitely prefer the Enkore soap. But, as you can tell from the photos, I have very good reason for it. I will absolutely be purchasing more Enkore soaps in the Future. As for the ELF spray, I'll probably leave it out on the curb and hope someone comes by to pick it up.

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