Sunday, August 25, 2013

Dupe-able? Sugarpill Cold Chemistry

I've seen a couple of people comment on Sugarpill's Cold Chemistry shades being "unoriginal." Ruuuuuude!! I knew I had a couple close shades in my collection, so I figured I'd do a swatch comparison.

Top: Soot & Stars, Diamond Eyes. Bottom: Elemental Chaos, Subterrenean

Sugarpill: Soot & Stars vs. Urban Decay: Barracuda and Gunmetal
Soot & Stars actually has a slight green tint, which is not showing very well on camera. It's much darker than either UD shade.

Sugarpill: Diamond Eyes vs. Toki Doki: Diamante
Diamond Eyes is a cooler tone white. Diamante (discontinued) has chunky glitter and a pink tint - which I had never noticed until it was next to Diamond Eyes. If you can see all that glitter on my's all fallout from Diamante.

Sugarpill: Elemental Chaos vs. MAC Violet pigment and Urban Decay: Gravity
Elemental Chaos has blue flecks. Violet pigment is more iridescent, and Gravity looks a little more muddy.

Sugarpill: Subterranean vs. Sugarpill: Junebug and Urban Decay: Loaded
Subterranean has maybe a hint of teal? I can't put my finger on it. Junebug is more yellow, and Loaded is actually pretty close but more forest-ish.

The Verdict:
At least as far as my collection goes...Cold Chemistry is un-dupe-able. Not only concerning color, but also quality of product. I used to be major into Urban Decay, but now that I applied the brands side-by-side, there is such a huge difference in smoothness and pigmentation.

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