Monday, August 26, 2013

Product Review: Makeup Forever Aqua Brow

Ever since one of my MUA friends introduced me to Aqua Brow, it has been one of my holy grail products. Before this came along, I was using loose shadow mixed with foundation. Basically, it does the same thing but with a lot less effort. I purchased mine from Sephora for $20, which may seem expensive for the little tube, but you only need the tiniest amount - about the size of a grain of rice will cover both brows. It will last a looooong time.

I use #25 - Ash, and apply it with ELF's small eyeliner brush. I also use Anastasia clear brow gel just on the ends because those little hairs like to go haywire on me. Once you apply it, you can rest assured it will not budge until you remove it! I've been in the ocean with this stuff on - no judgement! I didn't know when I put my makeup on that morning that I would end up in the water ;)

One best friend loves using brow pencils, and she did not like Aqua Brow. I don't like the look of pencils on myself. So if you're used to brow pencils and love them, you'll definitely want to ask for a sample before purchasing this.

Will I repurchase? Duuuuuh. I'm definitely going to ask for a sample of other shades when I go back to Sephora, too. I have black hair, so #25 is my closest match. But I'm curious to see how the lighter shades look on me.

Top: L-The tube, R-more than enough to cover both brows.
Bottom: L-Before, R-After

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