Saturday, August 3, 2013

Product Review: Maybelline BB Cream

I'm really a full-coverage foundation kinda  girl. So I never intended to purchase any BB creams. Until I got Tarte's BB cream as a sample from Sephora, and I loved it! However, my shade is always out of stock. So I set out to find something comparable.

I had good luck with other Maybelline products, so I figured I would try their BB. do I say sucks. 

I hate it! It goes on SO sheer. It barely has any purpose. I get the "no makeup" look, but this really leaves you looking like you don't have any kind of makeup on. Not in a good way. Used as a primer, it's no good. With the Tarte BB, I looked great all day. With Maybelline's, I feel like it doesn't last at all, and it seems to repel my foundation after a while. 

I'll keep searching for the (other) perfect BB. At least until I can get my shade from Tarte!

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