Sunday, August 18, 2013

Product Review: Maybelline Vivids Lipstick

I've seen all sorts of hype surrounding the Maybelline Vivids collection. It took me a while to choose a shade, but I finally settled on #905 - Brazen Berry. The color is the tube. I was so disappointed to find that it was completely sheer on my lips! When a product has "VIVIDS" in the name, I expect it to be a punch of color. I posted a comment on Instagram somewhere talking about how sheer these lipsticks are, and everyone agreed, but said "they're great over another lipstick." Ummm...whats the point of that? I'm a firm believer that if something doesn't stand up on it's own, it's not worth purchasing. If I wanted a sheer wash of color, I would've loved this lipstick. However, they shouldn't call it "vivid," and name it "brazen," if all you get is a product that is this sheer. I'm keeping it, because when I DO want a sheer lip (which is not very often, but it might happen), I'll still use it. I'm mostly bitter about the poor color payoff in a product named VIVIDS. Ugh! Ok...rant over!

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