Thursday, August 15, 2013

Review: Black Heart Beauty

My collection of Black Heart Beauty products is basically the result of a series of bad decisions. I think I keep buying things because a) they go on sale pretty often, 2) I keep hoping that this time will be different. 

Eye Liners

  • Inexpensive.
  • That's it.
  • Hard to work with.
  • The liquid liner has a plastic-like texture that peels off while you're wearing it.
  • The pen liners stain terribly.
  • The pencil liner just doesn't work.

Nail Polishes

  • Inexpensive (I got most of these for under a dollar each).
  • Good color selection.
  • The old packaging is super cute.
  • The new packaging (skull head) is not cute.
  • The layer polish just comes out looking like the color my mom refers to as "wine vomit."
  • Inconsistent as far as quality. Some polishes are one-coaters, some are more like five-coaters.

Would I repurchase any of the products above?
I will never buy any other Black Heart Beauty product. Unless they bring back the old style nail polish packaging. Those, I would buy, but only from the clearance section.

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