Saturday, August 10, 2013

Spotlight: Sugarpill Cosmetics

Sugarpill Cosmetics is one of my favorite brands. In case you haven't heard or seen much of them yet, I wanted to share it with you. I originally fell in love with their shadows when an MUA friend of mine swatched Goldilux on the back of my hand. It's the perfect gold, and so convinced me to order the Zillionaire Loose Eyeshadow Trio, which includes Goldilux, Junebug, and Hysteric. Since then, I've gotten my hands on a few other goodies, and I've never been disappointed. I don't have a massive collection, but here are the swatches:

I just noticed the Junebug swatch has a little Hysteric around the edges. It is actually only green...sorry!

Some of the reasons I'm in love with Sugarpill? Glad you asked...

  • Unique shades.
  • Super pigmented.
  • Adorable packaging.
  • Consistently high quality.
  • Founder Amy Doan is the cutest person on earth (see exhibit A below).

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