Tuesday, October 8, 2013

BH Cosmetics: The End of an Era

Ok guys...it makes me sad to write this, but I am officially pulling any previous support of this brand. I've had three of their palettes:

  • 88 Matte Palette
  • Party Girl Palette
  • 10-Color Blush Palette
At first, when I got each palette, I loved them. The colors had a lot of pigmentation, and they carry a wide range of shades. Plus, if you're on their mailing list, they continuously send you updates regarding sales. And their sales are ridiculously cheap. However, now that I've had them for a while, I noticed that the pigmentation is not where it used to be. I don't know what the heck happened, but it's like they were timed to lose pigmentation or something. I keep packing on the color, but it never pops like it used to, and they don't blend as well.

I think that maybe if you're doing a specific look and need a random color but don't want to pay a lot...they might be ok. But if you're looking for lasting quality...you're better off paying a little more for a better brand.

I'm really sad because I thought this was an amazing brand at first, but I feel like I got duped. I know there is a LOT of hype around BH Cosmetics. I hadn't heard anyone complain about dwindling color payoff before, but when I brought the issue up to my best friend & fellow makeup addict, she told me she had noticed the same thing.

So I'm not saying "never buy anything from BH Cosmetics," I'm just saying...Buyer beware!

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