Thursday, October 17, 2013

First Impression & Swatches: Melt Cosmetics

I've been dying to try Melt Cosmetics since co-founder Lora (loreleicakes on Instagram and Youtube) hinted at starting a makeup line in one of her comments. I've been following her since I first got into IG, and she is a phenomenal artist. Created in conjunction with her makeup artist friend (danabomar on Instagram), Melt is currently a line of lipsticks. I don't know if they plan to branch out to include other products.

At the initial release, I decided not to purchase anything. To be quite honest, their lipsticks are pretty pricey - $19 a pop. Plus shipping! So I passed on ordering. But, being addicted to Instragram as I am, I kept seeing all these gorgeous pictures and regretted not snagging any for myself.

Recently, the re-released the original shades along with some new ones. Because I didn't get most of what I wanted from the RiRi collection, I went ahead and treated myself to two lippies: By Starlight, and 6six6.

Top: 6six6
Bottom: By Starlight

The Pros:
  • Gorgeous colors.
  • Well pigmented.
  • Smell like a baby (not in the diaper rash cream way that Burt's Bees wipes do).
  • Cruelty-free.
  • Pretty good wear-time. I did have to reapply halfway through the day, but that was after breakfast and a few bottles of water.
The Cons:
  • Usually sold out.
  • Not a smooth application.
  • Pricey.

The Verdict:
I will probably make another purchase. I like supporting small brands. But since they are more expensive than most products I buy, it would have to be a very slow makeup month for me to let myself buy more. I do hope they remain readily available in the future - both shades I bought have been sold out since they were released. And I hope they reconsider their price point, or make shipping a little cheaper (like free). Right now, the only option is 2-day shipping. I wouldn't mind if they dropped it down to standard shipping at no charge.

I have heard a lot of people say that these are drying. I didn't have that experience. They're not hydrating, by any means. Keep in mind that these are ultra matte. They're not creamy at all. If you love creamy lipsticks, these may not be for you! If you have to have them and hate matte, you can always use gloss on top!

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