Saturday, October 26, 2013

FOTD: Halloween Edition, Part 2

Hi all! So if you saw my last post, you already know I was Bat Girl yesterday. Can I just tell you....masks are a pain to wear. The one I had was a little big for my face. I realized that if I pulled the elastic higher around my head, it was more flush to my cheeks. However, that also made it dig into my lower lids. Ouch! So I ended up having to pull the elastic down lower, for comfort. And an hour into our party, my mask was laying on the couch. But I still had a great time! ;)

Today's costume is Mia Wallace from the movie Pulp of my all time faves. Specifically, the scene where she O.D.s and has to be brought back to life. So there was some special effects involved...that is one area of makeup I know next to nothing about. I looked all over the internet, and found someone who had attached the syringe with a piece of wire...that was really the best suggestion on the entire internet. So that's what I did!

To camouflage the wire, I taped it to my skin using surgical tape. Then I covered that with a thin layer of Spirit Gum, then Ben Nye Nose & Scar wax. The scar wax was a nightmare to kept just getting stuck on my fingers and it was really hard for me to smooth it out. Once I got it looking the best I could, I stippled foundation over it to match my skin tone a little better, then I added some fake blood (I used Ben Nye thick blood). I filled the tip of the syringe with eyelash glue, because it's the only adhesive I really have, and stuck the end of the wire through the tip. I also dabbed blood on my shirt with a sponge.

The outfit was pretty easy...I hemmed a pair of dickies to about calf length. I got a plain white button down from H&M. And I did have to buy a hideous pair of gold flats, because I discovered that she wears them in the movie. Ugh. Let me just tell you...I hate flats. The fact that they're gold is another story altogether. Next time I pick a costume, I'm going to make sure I like the shoes, too.

I also bought a wig. I've cut my hair specifically for costumes in the past, but I wasn't ready to make the cut for this one. I've never ever worn a wig before, so that was an adventure in itself! I have pretty long, thick hair, so what I did was braid it in five sections, then wrap each section around my head and pin it with bobbie pins. Then I put a wig cap on...which is sooooo uncomfortable. I have a small head...I don't know how people with normal sized heads can stand this torture. I sprayed the wig a little with Not Your Mother's Beach Babe spray, because Mia's hair is pretty disheveled in this scene. I wasn't sure if the wig could handle heat, so I wanted to be able to give it some texture without melting it or burning something.

For the makeup...she had very minimal makeup, so what I concentrated on was giving my eyes a more hollowed look, I used a lighter shade of concealer to get myself looking more pale. I used a color tattoo in Tough as Taupe on my lids and under my eyes. Then I blended a couple tan and taupe shades all around my eyes to give them a more sunken look. And then I added some blood. For the foaming at the mouth part, I just layered spirit gum and tissue bits until it looked as good as I thought I could get it. 

And that's it! Here is the finished look:

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