Monday, October 21, 2013


My friend asked me the other day, "how do you decide what eye makeup you'll wear every morning?" I don't have a method to this madness. Some days, I see a picture or video and try to recreate it. Some days, I just open my makeup cabinet and stare until something pops out. Some days, I just start with one shade I feel like wearing, and build from there. This is my face from some day last week. I decided to do a firey eye with my Burning Heart palette, and I knew I wanted a lot of yellow in the inner corner. This is what I came up with:

To start, I blended a bronzer through my crease. I packed Buttercupcake (yellow) on the inner third (top & bottom), then Love+ (red) on the outer half. I blended the two with Flamepoint (orange). I hadn't planned on using Poison Plum (purple), but I ended up blending it lightly in the outer v just to darken it a little, and also blended it along my lower lash line. I used my trusty Physicians Formula liner, and I never remember what mascara combo I use on any given day. On my lips, I used Natural by NYX with a nude gloss.

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