Sunday, October 27, 2013

Updated Skin Care Routine

I'm no skin care expert....I'm kind of learning as I go along. Especially since I had pretty normal skin until a few years ago. Then one day it turned on me! So I had to start learning pretty quick if I wanted to look human again.

I have two main issues: Rosacea and oily skin. With Rosacea, I have a lot of redness. My skin just looks angry at life. The breakouts I do get are just strange. I don't know if I just think they're strange, or if they really are. My breakouts are usually hormonal. I've recently learned these take forever to resolve...even longer if you pick at them. I'm a natural picker. So it's been a struggle, but knowing this makes me less anxious to pick.

With my oiliness...It's just annoying. Everyone tries to tell me that I'll still look young when I'm old, thanks to my oily skin. Guess what...I don't care. I just want to be matte!

Anyway, here is what I'm doing now to control my skin issues. A lot of my oil control is done with makeup, so I didn't include that. This has all been trial and error for me. Keep in mind that the same thing may not work for everyone, so I would encourage you to ask for samples before committing to any product.

  • Philosophy Purity face wash: I keep this in my shower and just use it every time I shower. It's really great at removing makeup, too...even stubborn eye makeup. Keeping face wash in the shower is the number one thing that has worked for me as far as remembering to use it!
  • H2O Sea Moss body scrub: Yes...this is a body scrub. But I use it for my face. This is also in the shower, because it actually belongs to my husband. But I use a tiny bit a couple times a week, mixed with my face wash.
  • Lush Enzymion moisturizer: I use this as my morning moisturizer. It's supposed to be good for oily skin. I've only been using it for about a week, and I like it so far. I feel like it does more for oil control than the Dermalogica moisturizer I had been using before. And just a tip: apply moisturizer when your toner is still will help your moisturizer spread better and you will need less of it.
  • Lush Mask of Magnaminty: I use this usually twice a week. I love the smell! It's pretty chunky, so it becomes kind of a scrub when you're washing it off. One thing I really like about this is that it's made fresh in the stores, and it expires within a few months. Some people may not like that, but for pushes me to use it more often because I don't want to waste it. I'm terrible at maintaining a skin care routine, so I really have to be forced into it.
  • Yonka toner: I use this every morning, and after every time I wash my face. I used to never use toner, because I found it annoying. But I've learned that it's important, in order to restore the pH balance in your skin. So I like this one because it's in a spray bottle. I'm not fond of messing with spilling toner everywhere and rubbing a wet cotton ball on my face.
  • Glam Glow mud mask: This stuff is expensive. OMG. But thanks to a miracle of modern technology, i.e. Viggle, I scored this at a bargain. Because it is so pricey, I don't use it as an all-over mask. I read the packaging, and if you use it for your entire face, you only get something like seven uses out of it. No thanks! So I do use it on my nose once a week, and then for spot treatments if I need to. Full review (with pictures, ewww) coming soon.
  • Milk of Magnesia mask: I slather this stuff all over my face once a week. This is probably the number one thing that makes my redness calm down. It's very soothing to my skin, and it's super cheap. I love it. Some people have had success with using this as a primer, to minimize oil during the day. I'm guessing that it may work that way for someone who is mildly oily. But my oil is heavy duty. So it does NOT work that way for me.
  • Dermatouch exfoliating brush: I don't know how this compares to a Clairsonic brush, because I've never tried one. I got this one from Haute Look for something like $30. That's a price point I'm much more comfortable with! I try to use it twice a week, but it's one of those things I usually forget to do. Some people use it every me that seems excessive. I don't know...I'm still trying to get used to using it at all. But I do like that it gets any trace of product out of my skin.
  • Clinique spot treatment: I got this as a sample from Sephora recently. I will without a doubt be purchasing the full size once this sample runs out. It's a little miracle. If I see a pimple coming on, I dab this over it at night. By the next morning, the blemish is either gone or has matured to popping level.
  • Embryolisse Hydra-Mat Emulsion moisturizer: When I first got this, I was using it in the mornings. It did nothing for mattifying during the day. I was pretty disappointed, because I had gotten it from Haute Look at like $35, which I thought was a good deal until I received it, and it's pretty small. So I was a little pissed at myself. BUT, when I got my Enzymion moisturizer, I started using this at night time, and I really feel like it's made a difference. So now my conundrum is if I should buy a full-priced one of these suckers once this runs out. My guess is that I won't. But we'll see!

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