Wednesday, November 20, 2013

First Impression: Melt Cosmetics Summer

Guys...! I did it again. I know I said I wasn't planning on another Melt lipstick until sometime next spring. But they hit me with free shipping, and I couldn't resist. One of my complaints with them was that not only are their lipsticks pricey, but their shipping is high too. So they reeled me in! I wanted Summer anyway, so I went ahead and got it.

One of the things I need to remember with my life is that I'm not a pale girl. I have a bit of a natural tan. I don't try to tan, but I'm the kind of person that can step outside for ten minutes with SPF 1000 and still pick up some color. I try my hardest not to tan my face, because I don't want to be an old leathery person, but I do wear a foundation a little darker than my face to blend in better with my skin. What does that have to do with reviewing this lipstick, you ask? WELL...all the swatches I've seen of this lipstick were apparently on people with a much different skin tone than mine. It's hard to judge through photos, because even on my own Instagram skin sometimes looks very light, and other times it looks quite a bit darker than it is. So this lipstick is not THE most flattering on me. But I did find that I could make it work using Viva Glam 5 lip gloss on top. So I'm glad I could make it work, but I wish I could wear it as the gorgeous matte it was meant to be. * sigh *

Anyway, here are some swatches. As you can see...Summer is a mixture of Mac's Sounds Like Noise and Lime Crime's Babette:

Left: Melt Summer
Right: Lime Crime Babbette
Center: Top: MAC Sounds Like Noise/Bottom: SLN w/ Babette on top

The Pros:
  • Great Melt smell...I love it
  • Pretty shade, perhaps better suited to lighter skin tones than my own.
  • Fast/free shipping.
  • Nice formula. This is an ULTRA MATTE lipstick. It's not gonna glide on and feel super creamy. However, for a matte, it does feel pretty nice.

The Cons:
  • Pricey, even with free shipping.
  • Not great on its own for my coloring.

The Verdict:
I will definitely use this lipstick. I'm just sad that I'm not gonna be able to wear it on its own. I would love to wear it in all it's matte delicious glory. So I'm borderline sad. But still a great buy and I would definitely recommend giving it a shot.

A little toned down with Viva Glam 5 lip gloss

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