Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Bought It, Forgot It!

I love this idea of Bought it/Forgot it...I saw it on a recent YouTube video by Casey Holmes. If you guys haven't seen her videos, please check her out! Her channel is one of my favorites lately. When she posted the video, I was so excited because I knew I could incorporate this idea into my blog. And I quickly found the perfect products to start with! Since I ran out of my heat protector, I decided to start using products I already had before repurchasing it. I'm using John Frieda's Style Revival spray and Deep Infusion serum. I've used the spray a few times but I only used the serum once or twice. So I'll let you guys know how these work out for me in a few weeks! Hopefully I like these little guys, because I'd like to have something more readily available than my Redkin heat protector, which I have to get from my stylist.

I'd love to see what items you guys have bought & forgot...If you write about some, please leave a link in the comments below!

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