Thursday, December 19, 2013

Dupe Alert: RiRi hearts MAC lipstick in Bad Girl RiRi

GUYS!!! This is pretty much an emergency situation, so I hope y'all are sitting down. We all know how coveted the RiRi collection was, and how many people missed out on it. I'm lucky to have a lovely friend who found my lippies for me, but not everyone has friends as stellar as mine! Lol. So I'm happy to let you in on a great, AFFORDABLE dupe. And the best part is...some of you may already have it!! Ready?

YES...This is the NYX lipstick that came in my latest Ipsy Glam Bag! So if you've already forgotten about this months Glam bag, go dig it out! There's a little hidden gem in there! In the photo above, I have the NYX lipstick on my top lip, and the MAC lipstick on my bottom lip. The only slight difference is that the NYX one has a slight sheen to it. But the color is exactly the same.

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