Tuesday, December 31, 2013

EOTD & Pictorial

It's New Years Eve!!!! And you know what that means...Party time!!!! My in-laws are in town, so we'll be hanging out with them tonight. I briefly thought of going neutral and maybe toss in some glitter. Then I thought...NAH!  I just love color. And even though I don't want to scare off my in-laws, I'm sure they'll understand the party is on my eyes tonight ;)

I had a long time to get ready today, so I decided to also do a pictorial! This is a first for my blog, so I'm excited and it's very "me" to do a first time thing on the last day of the year. This look is a re-creation of a recent YouTube video by Nikkie Tutorials. I just didn't have any of the colors she used, so I improvised! And here it is...I hope you enjoy!

1: Prime with your favorite primer. I use Urban Decay's Anti-Aging Primer Potion. Apply your highlight shade under the brow - I used the light shimmer shade from RiRi's Smoked Cocoa palette.  Then apply a light brown shade above the crease. Just a little will do for this look. It will all but disappear later. I don't know the name of what I used...sorry!
2: Fluff a light pink color over the brown. I used Sugarpill's Dollipop. This is a really bright, hot pink. I just used the tiniest bit on my blending brush.
3: Think of your lid in thirds, and apply a dark blue shade to the inner and outer third. I used Urban Decay's Sabbath. Don't bring this color up into the crease at all!
4: Blend a purple shadow into the crease, to transition between the pink and blue. I used Sugarpill's Poison Plum. I kept the Poison Plum only on the outer half of my crease.
5: Apply a blue base to the middle third of your lid. I used Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Radium. Blend out with your finger. This doesn't have to be neat.
6: Apply a light blue/teal to the center of your lid. I used Sugarpill's Mochi. Again..messy is a-ok!
7: Blend between the darker and lighter blues with a medium blue. I used Sugarpill's Afterparty. I also went back into Dollipop and Poison Plum, blending each one in until you get the desired intensity.
8: For the lower liner, I used Mac's Teal pigment on the inner 2/3rds of my lid, and more Sabbath in the outer third. Also drag Sabbath upward, to create the shape you want in the outer corner.
9: Apply a light frost/shimmer/glitter on the inner corner. I used Mac's Frost pigment, which is super pretty...like blue-tinted snow. Apply your mascara and/or falsies. I used a few mascaras, I don't even remember which. I didn't use falsies today.
10: That's it! Your finished look. There is a LOT of color in this look, but I feel like it's still really wearable.

Have a great evening, everyone! Stay safe and have fun! I hope you enjoyed my first pictorial...let me know if it's something you want to see more of!

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