Thursday, December 5, 2013

First Impression: Naked 3

I don't know how many of you know this, but I had given up on Urban Decay after buying the Glinda palette. The shadows were chalky and I didn't like most of the colors on myself. After that disappointment, I decided to move on from Urban Decay.

When they announced Naked 3 was coming out, however, they reeled me back in! I still use Naked 1 & 2 all the time. So I ordered it pretty much the second it was released. I'm not kidding...I woke up, saw the email, and ordered it before I even got out of bed. I received it yesterday, finally, after a couple weeks of waiting! Here are the pics:

As you can see, the first three shades are very close to my skin tone. They do show up a little more on my lid though. I did my first look with this palette today, and I'm just choosing not to picture it. I'm a little sad...I didn't have a ton of time this morning, but I also found the shadows a little hard to work with. I used Buzz all over my lid, which was the one I was most excited about, and it had so little color payoff once I got everything blended. I had to add a dramatic wing just to salvage the look. Lol. I think I'll try these shadows with a white, beige, or bronze base in the future. They just did not do well with shadow primer alone. 

Another thing I didn't like was that it comes with little sample packets of Primer Potion. I loved that they used to include trial sizes with their palettes, but SAMPLES?! Ya gotta be kidding. The only thing those will be good for is to keep in my travel kit. 

The last thing that disappointed me is the amount of fallout. Not just regular Urban Decay glitter fallout. Even the matte shades ended up all over my cheeks. 

I will definitely keep trying to work with this palette, but I can tell you with 100% certainty, that I will never buy another UD eye shadow. 

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