Saturday, December 14, 2013

Lush Haul and My Beautiful Week!

I'm taking a break from my 2013 Favorites posts to share my little Lush haul from last night! This week has been a series of fortunate events for me ;)

My gorgeous friend Michael scored the RiRi lipsticks I wanted, and USPS is quickly bringing them to my exciting. Swatches will be up as soon as they get here! I'm so happy, because I've gotten most of what I wanted from each RiRi collection. Which is pretty near impossible these days.

Then, I won my first ever giveaway...Julep polishes from the lovely Vero at Vero Says. If you haven't checked out her blog...go quick! She is a doll and I'm so thrilled to have won her giveaway. I've never tried Julep polishes, but I've been wanting to for a very long time. AND, this comes at an excellent time for me, because after my last fill, I decided to give my nails a little break from acrylic and gel for a while. So one of those polishes will be coming with me to my nail lady on Thursday! Stay tuned!!

Thennn...I got my Ipsy bag, and nothing was broken this time! Which reminds me...I need to write a post about this too.

THEN, I asked my friend (see: gorgeous Michael above) what he uses to clean his beauty blender. I love using mine, but I never feel like it gets quite clean enough. I've been using my Enkore brush soap, but there's still always a spot of foundation that lurks below the surface. Also...I'm almost out of the Enkore soap. He recommended Dirty Spring Wash by Lush. It's actually a shower gel, but he uses it for his brushes and blenders.

In an interesting twist...My husband surprised me with tickets to see Jay-Z! Afterwards, we went to eat at a restaurant which just happens to be directly across from Lush! What a lovely coincidence! So while we were waiting on our food, I ran over to Lush "just for the Dirty Spring Wash." (allegedly) Here is what I ended up with, thanks to the great sales associates. I never have a bad experience at Lush...Love, love, love them!

  • Dirty Spring Wash shower gel: Smells a little like Zest soap. Which I happen to love, and here's why: I never had it as a child. Same reason I love Cinnamon Toast Crunch and red lipstick. You know...all the finer things.
  • Rehab Shampoo: Smells a little minty. The Lush lady recommended this after I told her what I wanted the Dirty Spring Wash for. She uses it for her brushes, and because it's made with tea tree oil, she's seen positive results with her skin. My skin happens to like tea tree oil, so I got the small size of this and DSW and I'll decide which one to stick with going forward.
  • Mask of Magnaminty: I know I didn't plan to get this, but I just don't use my Glam Glow as often as I should because it is so expensive. Even though I used Viggle points to get the back of my head, I know how much it costs. So my skin is not doing as well as it was while I was using MoM. 
  • Gorgeous moisturizer: Another Lush lady recommendation, but I just got a sample. I still have plenty of my Enzymion moisturizer, so I'll use the sample of this one and decide which one I like best when it's time for a refill.
By the way...I've already washed my beauty blender today. I actually used a mix of both cleaners and the results.................will be on another post. ;) 

Thanks for reading, sorry for rambling, and wishing you all a beautiful week!

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