Thursday, December 19, 2013

NOTD with my new Julep polishes!

Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I was lucky enough to win a giveaway by the lovely Vero. If you haven't read her blog, you're missing out! She's so sweet and I love her blog! Thanks a million for such a great giveaway, Vero!

I was so excited to receive these polishes, for multiple reasons. First, I've never won a giveaway. So this was a great first win for me. Second, I've never tried Julep polishes! I always wanted to, and even thought about signing up for their subscription box. I just hadn't taken the plunge yet. Third, I decided after my last fill & polish that I'm going to let my nails take a break from acrylic and gel for a while. My lady told me it's time for a new set...I honestly don't remember the last time I got a brand new set. So instead of having her take them of and put them right back on...I'm just gonna let them breathe a while. I don't want to put gel on while they're so brittle, because I know they'll bend and chip. So I don't want to pay for gel, knowing that it will get ugly after a few days. I can't stand to have chipped polish!! Which is why I get acrylic and gel in the first place! ;)

THEN...tragedy. Even though my nails were starting to lift last time I got a fill, which is why my lady told me they needed to come off this time...Today, they were so solidly stuck down! She got only two nails off, and couldn't even find a starting point for any other nail. So what she had to do instead was file down the acrylic on the rest of my nails as much as she could. Then she put a clear gel coat on top, and finally...the polish. Because of all that, my nails are not as smooth and even as usual, which makes the polish look a little uneven. I'm so sad! But hopefully I'll be able to get rid of the acrylic for good once it all grows out. It's just not the smooth transition I had hoped for!

Anyway, here are the polishes I received:

From L to R: Evelyn, Shoshanna, Celia

I had trouble deciding which ones to use. I ended up going just with Evelyn. I wanted to use Shoshanna on my party nail, but my nail appointment was such a disaster today, that I didn't want to try anything fancy. So here is the finished product. You can see it's not all even, but please trust me...that's not because of the polishes. It's because my nails are currently trashed :(

When I do my toes this weekend, I'll use the green. I don't usually match my hands and it'll put my toes in the Christmas spirit ;) If you have any suggestions for must-have Julep colors, leave them below! I loved these, and I'm sure I'll expand my collection soon! I use regular polish for my toes, so I like to have a good variety :)

AND...Thanks so much to Brittnee at A Beauty Product A Day for asking on my Instagram how the heck to swatch these polishes! I had just torn off a little piece of cardboard from the packaging, dabbed it with polish, then swatched the lid. Someone was kind enough to comment and tell us both that the square top pops off to reveal a little round top! So next time I get a Julep polish, I'll know exactly what to do!

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