Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sister Time!

My little sister came out to visit me this weekend! We had some great sister time!

Yesterday, we had a little day of beauty. After eight hours of searching, we found my local brow threader. I hadn't had my brows threaded since I moved, almost a year ago, so I was seriously over due. And now I know where the place I will definitely be going more often!

Next stop...nails! Little sister tried gel polish for the first time...fancy! And I just got my nails done recently, so I only had a pedicure. To be honest...I didn't rally need one. But I didn't want to feel left out ;) I went to my usual place, but I got a different guy. And I'm glad, because I feel like he was more thorough than they normally are. I'll probably go back to black on my next mani, so I chose Lubu  Heels by China Glaze for my toes. It's a really pretty black with fine red glitter...highly recommend! I'm not a huge fan of China Glaze because most of their polishes are really thin and take too may coats to get good color payoff. But this one is pretty good...two coats did just fine.

Little Sister in the back.
How do two selfie queens only manage one picture together in a whole weekend?!

Then...I tried to go to MAC at Macy's. I just ran out of foundation and I recently got a Macy's gift card. So in my was meant to be. However, the mall was so insanely crowded. We ended up driving around the parking lot for a couple of minutes & then went home. I'm not good at waiting for parking. And the fact that they had traffic cops in the street and in the parking lot was not a good sign.

Today, we had breakfast at one of my local favorite breakfast restaurants. And now she's back on the road :( Some of you might remember that I tried and failed at the Maybelline Fit Me Stick foundation. I gave it to her, and she has been trying it out. So stay tuned, because she agreed to write a guest review for me!

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