Saturday, December 28, 2013

Unboxing: Wantable Makeup Box

My friend told me to expect an email regarding her Christmas present to me. I was immediately intrigued. The following day, I got an email from Wantable saying I had a gift waiting for me. Hmmm...If anyone is interested, these exact steps are very effective for luring me anywhere. I'm a sucker for mystery gifts! When I clicked the link, it made me create an account. Now I'm still intrigued, but a little suspicious. Next, I got to choose one of three different boxes: Makeup, Accessories, or Intimates. I briefly toyed with the idea of choosing one of the other two. But who are we kidding? Makeup it is! Then, they take you through what can only be described as the SATs of makeup quizzes. I was pretty extensive, and I felt like I should get a cap and gown when I finished. I don't mean that in a bad way, btw! It was great! They list all different categories, and you choose whether you love it, hate it, or are neutral about it. Lipstick, eye shadow, blush, skin care, etc. Then it takes you through each category you loved and breaks it down even further. Do you like bold lipstick? Sheer? Red? Vibrant? Neutral? You get the idea. At the end, it tells you they'll compose a custom box JUST FOR YOU, and it will be on its way shortly. I have to confess...I did manipulate my answers a little, in an attempt to receive more of what I want vs things that I already have and love. For example, I maintained that I was neutral on red lipstick, even though we all know that's a blatant LIE. I love red lipstick more than I love having opposable thumbs! I just didn't want another red lipstick when they can send me a pretty berry or wine shade instead.  Very cool! I filled out my survey on 12/23, got my shipping notice on 12/24, and it arrived today! Check out my unboxing mini video on Instagram, too! Here's the photo version of the unboxing:

The Box!

It came carefully packaged :)

The goods!

A better look.

Swatches of the lip pencil, brow pencil, lipstick, and eye shadow.

The sample.

What I got:
  • Starlooks lengthening mascara in Black. As someone with long lashes, you'd think I'd be happy enough. But as soon as a mascara promises to be lengthening, it has my full attention! We shall see...
  • Michael Marcus lipstick in Lucky. I tried to trick the system, but I got a red lipstick anyway. The universe knows me well enough, I guess. It's still a very pretty shade and a good every day red. I know I'll use it!
  • Sorme lip liner in Pure Rose. Such a pretty shade and really creamy when swatched. I'm excited about this one!
  • Mia Bellezza brow pencil in  Medium Brown. I've only tried a brow pencil once, but it wasn't a good/quality one. So I'm excited about this one, plus it's got a little spoolie on the end. I'll be putting this to use TODAY for sure!
  • Starlooks eye shadow in Wine. What a gorgeous shade! This is right up my alley...I'm sure there are people out there that wouldn't like this shade, but I love it. My mom asked me if it was a blush or lip pot and she kind-of cringed when I told her it was shadow. Lol. My mom is a neutral makeup kinda lady.
  • Sorme BB cream in Light Honey (sample). This will go in my sample bag/travel kit. So I'm sure I'll use it eventually! I don't like sample packets a ton, because I rarely really use them. But I don't have any BB cream I'm sure this one will get used.
According to the insert (not pictured due to the fact that mine and my friend's personal info is on there), the box has a retail value of $85.50.  According to the website, a monthly subscription runs $36/month. A one-time box is $40. I believe there are discount codes floating around, but I didn't personally try to find one. Overall, I really love this as a gift idea. It's really personalized, without having to do the work yourself. ;) 

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