Thursday, December 26, 2013

Update: Bought It/Forgot It

Hey guys!  I just wanted to update you guys on the John Frieda products I've been using since my Redken heat protector ran out. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, check out my original post here. The products I'm using are both from John Frieda's Full Repair line. I've been using them since the beginning of December, so I figured it was about time to let y'all know how they've been working out for me!

Deep Infusion Serum
The thing I don't like is that it's a serum. It's so liquify, I feel like I don't even know if I'm applying it everywhere. With my Redken cream, I felt like I was getting a better distribution. What I do is take about a pump & a half or two pumps (if I'm feeling wild) and rub it between my palms. Then, I just run my hands through my hair, focusing on the ends, for probably a hundred minutes. I find that I do spend extra time on this step because of my distribution paranoia.  However, it must be working well enough because my hair has not fried at the ends like I know it would if I weren't getting the product in. Especially since it's dry and wintery. 

Style Revival Styling Spray
Honestly, I'm not sure if this actually does anything. The main reason I use it, is for backup in case the serum didn't cover everything. I do forget to use it at times, though. It's supposed to give your hair more fullness when you heat style it. My hair is usually pretty big anyway, and I don't notice it being any bigger when I use the spray. So I can't vouch for it actually doing what it says, but like I mentioned before, my hair has stayed pretty healthy since starting these products. So at least there's that!

The Verdict
Overall, I'm glad I used these products. My hair did not suffer in the process, which I'm really happy about! My ends look as healthy as they did when I got my hair freshly trimmed. And I use heat EVERY DAY. I know that's bad, but if you had my hair, you'd do it too. Would I trade my Redken for these permanently? I'd have to say no. I just don't like having two products that "probably work." I want my one product that I know and love! I need to make another hair appointment soon, and I'll definitely be asking my girl to have my little Redken bottle waiting for me! Mama's coming home!

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