Sunday, January 12, 2014

Get This/Not That (Or That!)

Welcome to a very special edition of Get This/Not That. Special, because there are TWO "that" things that you shouldn't get. And only one "this" that is the most amazing thing you'll ever put on your face.

Still with me? Ok...lets continue.

Everyone knows by now...I love Lush's Mask of Magnaminty. When I originally reviewed it, I was on the fence about whether or not I would repurchase it, because I wanted to try Glam Glow's Supermud before making my final decision.

Mask of Magnaminty
$24.95 for 11.1 oz

Well...Not only have I tried Super Mud, I've also tried Youth Mud. I do like both of them, and I like that they have what I call "little sea bits" in them. But I don't like them or their price point enough to switch them out for my trusty Mask of Magnaminty.

Super Mud
$69 for 1.2 0z

Youth Mud
$19 for 0.5 oz

Glad you asked! Super Mud is quite nice, actually. The main issue I had was the cost. It is soooo expensive. I did use Viggle gift cards to contribute towards the cost. But once I know how expensive something is, I can't un-know it. I was so cautious not to use it too much, that I actually used it not enough. SM is the smoothest in texture of the three, so it's not really exfoliating when you're removing it. When I do use it, I find it does almost the same job as Mask of Magnaminty.  The main differences are the texture and the appearance of the muds as they dry. MoM gets dry, slightly lighter in color, and a little cracky. Supermud gets a lot lighter, and you can see the little spots from where it pulls dirt out of your pores.  Once I wash them off, my skin with either option looks the same. And MoM is soooo much cheaper.

I couldn't make my FINAL final decision without trying Youth Mud. I know. I have problems. I do like Youthmud. It's a little spongy to the touch. It has more grit to it, so it really exfoliates as you wash it off. MoM is a borderline scrub, but doesn't have the grit that YM has. The major difference for me, is that YM is very tingly when applied...almost to the point of burning. I would definitely not recommend this if you have sensitive skin. The tingling does subside after the initial feeling of, "Oh my LORD, is my skin gonna melt off?" However, again...the end result is the same. I do like that YM comes in a smaller size as well, which was great for me, because the cost was a lot less. Although...once you factor in how much product there is and the fact that I gave $19 for's still a less than stellar bargain.

So, I did finally re-purchase my lovely Lush mask. Because it's a cheaper mask and it does expire within a few months of purchasing, it actually helps me use it a lot more consistently. So even though the Glam Glows do the job...they don't ultimately work for me. MoM is the chunkiest of the three, so you will end up looking like a sea creature, but who cares? It has that minty feeling, but it's not tingly or burning.

This concludes our very special edition of Get This/Not That (Or That!). Please let me know if you've tried any of these masks and what you think of them! Feel free to leave a link in the comments below :)

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