Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Get This/Not That

Happy New Year everyone! I wanted to welcome the new year with my latest little idea: "Get this...not that!" Which is basically where I compare two similar products, and tell you which one works better for me, and which one I wouldn't spend my money on again!!

I got this idea when I purchased my "THIS" product. I instantly thought, "awww crap! If I had THIS, I wouldn't have bought 'THAT'!" And that's when the idea for this post was born.


Lunatick Cosmetics Labs Ancient Elements Palette: Let me tell you how much I looooove this palette! I bought it during a 24-hour flash sale, and I've used it almost every day since. The colors are gorgeous, super pigmented, and blend really well. Basically, all the things I look for in a palette.


Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette: We all know how much I DO NOT heart Urban Decay anymore. I bought this palette in a moment of "maybe this time, things will be different!" But things were very much the same. Ungreat pigmentation. Heaps of fall-out. Chalk city.

They look nothing alike, right? Well...the main reason is for LCL's rosy shade, Aura. It's sooooo beautiful! Basically, it gives me everything I wanted from UD's Buzz. Even though Buzz looks gorgeous in the pan and swatches pretty nicely, it doesn't look great once I have it on my lid. Buzz was the shade that talked me into buying the fact that it didn't really play well on my lid was super disappointing. Aura is such a gorgeous shade, plus it maintains that beautiful rosy color even when blended out. You can see from the swatches below that the two are very similar when swatched. Buzz does have more shimmer. Aura is a little deeper.

L: LCL's Aura
R: UD's Buzz

The other shades in the LCL palette are not in the rose family, where most of UD's shades have pink undertones (or are blatantly pink). However, that's where I find LCL has the greatest advantage. The biggest issue I have with UD's N3 is that once you start blending, all the colors run together, and become a big, pinkish blob. This is because most of the shades are variations of the same color. Some darker, some matte, some shimmery...but all basically pinkish-taupe. With the LCL palette, you can blend while still having good color payoff AND being able to tell one shade from the next. The colors complement each other really nicely. And if you don't want a pink eye one can achieve that too.

Also, unlike with UD, all of the LCL shades actually show up on my skin. I don't have to manipulate them and try different bases to try to get them to pop. When using N3 alone, I even have to use multiple bases for one look. That's just too much work!!

Anyway...this concludes the pilot episode of Get This/Not That. Please let me know if this is something y'all would like to see more of! I will also be writing a more in-depth review of the Ancient Elements palette sometime soon...So stay tuned!

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