Sunday, January 5, 2014

NOTD & How to Keep Polish From Streaking

Hey all! I had a little mini beauty evening at home yesterday, so I decided to take some pictures of my nail routine in the process. A while ago, I got this Zoya nail polish in an Ipsy Glam Bag. I hate white nails. With an extreme passion. The nail polish was just the tip of the iceberg with that Glam Bag. I got gardenia perfume, which makes me barf. And some other random things I didn't like. After a few so-so bags and this one bag which I HATED, I cancelled my subscription.

LATER, I realized that I quite like the polish for my toes. I don't know why...It just looks cute. So I've actually used it quite a bit. It's still the only thing I liked from that bag though.

Anyway, I had seen this video on YouTube by Tiffany D about how to apply light colored polish flawlessly. I hate having streaky polish, and I used to end up just taking it off and going darker. But now...thanks to her video, I'm able to wear this lovely off-white polish to my heart's content. And here's how I do it:

My last pedi, with Julep's Celia polish (Thanks Vero Says)

I keep my nail polish remover in an alcohol dispenser pump which I
snagged from work. You can find them at medical supply stores, and
I believe they may also have them at Sally's now.

T: Soaking!
B: 5 minutes later. Even shimmer polish slides right off with
the first swipe :)

I use Stickey base coat, given to me by a patient.
This stuff lasts forever!!
L to R:
Zoya: Jacqueline
Nails Inc: Westminster Bridge Matte Top Coat
Milani: Gold Glitz
Sally Hanse: Super Shine Top Coat

One coat of Zoya followed by a coat of Nails Inc. ... Streak city!

Second coat of Zoya & matte topcoat.
Then added the gold glitter to accent.
The finished product. Streak-free!
Third coat of the Zoya polish.
Finished with Sally Hansen's Super Shine top coat.

I hope you guys find this helpful. I know it's done wonders for me! It does seem like a lot of steps, but it's really worth it to get a nice, non-streaky finish. By the way...I never clean up around the edges on my pedi. I just scrub my toes the next time I take a shower and we're done. I've tried cleaning up before, and I inevitably slip and ruin the polish.

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