Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Product Review: Lunatick Cosmetics Labs Ancient Elements Palette

After recently raving about this product in my first "Get This/Not That" post, I just had to give a more in depth review with swatches. Of course, you already know I love this little guy, but let me just show you all the reasons why!

This palette is usually $25 on, but I got it during a flash sale for I think 20% off. They have a wide variety of shades and palettes. I decided to go with this more neutral one, because I fell in love with Minds Eye, which is a really pretty terra cotta shade. And 13, because I needed a nice light grey. It shipped pretty quickly, which was great. It was packed better than any other makeup I've ever ordered. Not only was the palette wrapped in about 30 feet of plastic wrap, but there are little protective inserts over each shadow. The package info recommends using them for travel or to re-press shadows if they get damaged...which makes me wonder if they damage easily?! I haven't dropped it yet, nor do I want to try dropping it...Not even for the sake of reviewing! But I have used it almost every day since it arrived and he's holding up really well so far! No complaints.

Top photo shows the little protective inserts.
Bottom photos are the confetti!

The Pros:
  • You guys know I love supporting small companies.
  • Great packaging. Very Nightmare Before Christmas-esque.
  • Cruelty-free, talc-free, and vegan.
  • Beautiful pigmentation.
  • Soft shadows, without being crumbly and/or having extreme fallout (I'm looking at you, UD).
  • Blend really nicely.
The Cons:
  • Not widely available - I took the plunge and ordered from the website without ever having seen or touched their shadows in person. Lucky for me, the risk paid off, but you never know!
  • I'm a little scared they'll crumble easily, just because they are so soft and they come with just-in-case pressing inserts.

Not sure why 13 is showing up so lavender. It's a lot more grey in person.

The Verdict:
Well duh...I highly recommend this palette. And I'm looking forward to purchasing more from this brand! I'm curious to see how they travel...hopefully with no fatalities. I will definitely use the little inserts if and when I do travel with this little guy.

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