Monday, January 20, 2014

TAG: Bloggers Made Me Buy It

Thank you to Shalunya for tagging me in this one! I always love finding out about new products, and she is usually the bad angel on my shoulder telling me to buy them. So I dedicate this post to you, my enabling friend! These are actually all products I've reviewed before, so I'll just link to my reviews instead of taking new photos...I hope that's not too distracting!

First up on my list: From the enabler herself, Covergirl's Clump Crusher mascara. I had been wanting a new drug store favorite mascara for a while, but there are sooooo many on the market right now. It's just hard to choose which one to try. She posted about this little gem and I ran out and bought it right away. I really love this stuff. It's a great mascara on it's own, but it also pairs well with every other mascara I have. There are a couple of mascaras that just need that extra oomph, and Clump Crusher always comes to the rescue. I'm so happy I bought it, and even happier I decided it to feature it in my most recent "Bought It/Forgot It," because it's really helped to remind me of how great this mascara is. Thanks Shalunya for the recommendation!

Disclaimer: I get most of my product ideas and suggestions from Instagram and YouTube. So my next items are thanks to those areas. I know this is breaking the rules of this post a little bit, but I'm not the best at rule following. So bear with me.

My second holy grail item was suggested by my gorgeous friend MKMakeupArtistry on Instagram. It's MUFE's Aqua Brow! I loooooove this stuff to pieces and use it every single day. I don't remember my life before I had this. I literally have had this tube for over a year now, and do you see how much product is still left in it? Insanity! I know girls who run through eye brow pencils constantly...that's a lot of money! This little tube is $20, but for how long it can't beat it! Plus it looks great on, and it doesn't budge!

My last item changed my life forever. It's the Physicians Formula Eye Booster Liner in Ultra Black. I've seen it on two beauties who I follow on both Instagram and YouTube: Sokolum (IG)/Sokolum79 (YouTube), and ToriBiohazard (IG)/Biohazardous Beauty (YouTube). They are my two eyeliner inspirations. Like every time I put my eyeliner on for the day, I think, "what would Sokolum do?" I love that it has a very fine brush applicator, so it doesn't get blunted or fuzzed out like felt-tipped liners do. It's super black, and just looks great on. And it's so easy to apply! My wings now look like actual wings.

Please tag yourself if you'd like! And as always, you're more than welcome to link to your post in the comments below!

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