Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Bought It/Forgot It

Hey all! This has become one of my favorite posts to do. It really lets me fall back in love with some of my old products that I haven't used in a while. Other times, it reminds me why I've replaced my old favorites with new ones! I'll start with the things I remembered over the past month ;)

I was really happy to have used these products, because I really did get good use out of all of them. I used the mascara until it started getting too dry. But it served as a reminder that it was a really great mascara! They call it "clump crusher" for a works. I love using it as a last step after other mascaras for some extra separation.

The Sleek Blush By 3, I used a lot more than I'd been using. I have to admit, I only reached for it when I kept it right on my counter. Once I put it away, I fell back into my Nars habit. I couldn't help it! But I do still love all three of the blushes.

My Naked 2 palette, I probably got the least use out of. I just decided I don't really LOVE it. I like it...we're just friends though. I really had to try to use this one, where the other two items, I could easily incorporate. I did manage to use it a lot more than I normally do, so mission accomplished! At the bottom of this post, I'll include some pics of me wearing these products.

And now...what I need to remember for the month ahead!

MAC Cosmetics Eye Shadow Palette in Spoiled Rich. This one was from the Archie's Girls collection. I went in for the event thinking "I'm a Betty, with Veronica tendencies." Once the MUA finished my makeup using this quad, I realized, "Nope...I'm a full-blown Veronica!" I really love this little quad but I fell off using it after a little while. I admit...I did already use the lightest pink/purple shade this past weekend, which is what inspired me to include it in this month's BI/FI.

Makeup Forever Technicolor Eye Shadow Palette. I fell in love with this product online. When I got it, I realized the colors were a little more muted than I anticipated. They're still gorgeous shades, but you know... It's like when you forget what you're drinking, and you expect to sip Coca Cola out of the straw but you get iced tea instead. No matter how much you love iced tea, at that moment, it tastes nasty!

Urban Decay Cream Highlight in Wicked. I'm starting to think that BI/FI is my subconscious trying to make me use up my UD products. I got this little guy from HauteLook a long time ago. I forgot how much I had used it until I cracked it open for the photo and there's a little dent in it! So I'm a little excited, because that must mean I loved it at some point. First world problems.

N2 shadows on the lid. Sugarpill Midori and Acidberry on the lower lash line.
I also used Clump Crusher mascara & some combination of the Sleek Blushes.

I wasn't thrilled about this one, but I tried! I tried to create a soft wing.
I wouldn't say I failed miserably. But I wasn't super happy, either.

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