Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Double NOTD

It finally happened. I took the plunge and went acrylic-free! It feels very strange, but I hope I'll grow to love it. My natural nails are normally very thick and durable. But after four years of acrylic...they are now paper thin. I really want to restore them to their former glory, and keep the acrylics off for good! As usual...I don't know the name of this color. It's a really pretty blue with turquoise specks. it is:

And now for my pedi! I rarely match my hands and toes. I just do my own pedis and I like to switch it up. What I love about this pedi is that there is a mix of matte, shiny, and glitter. Plus I love this puke green color. I don't know why, but there's something about the split pea vomit color that just appeals to me!

I used the streak-free method I recently posted about, because the Zoya polish was pretty streaky. I wasn't sure if it would work as well because I've never tried it with a matte polish. But it actually worked really well! So I'm happy. I used the glitter polish I got from Vero Says' giveaway. It goes perfectly with the green...I'm in love with it! And you can't tell too well but on my middle toe, I used a shiny top coat, just to mix textures.

  • Zoya Mitzi (matte)
  • Julep Shoshanna (glitter)
  • Nails Inc Westminster Bridge (matte top coat)

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