Friday, February 28, 2014

Favorites and Unfavorites: February 2014

This was a short little month, but it saw a LOT of action...completely by accident. First, let's get to my favorite part...the Favorites, of course!

  • Lorac Pro Palette: I'm so glad my friend sent this to me! It's been a great addition to my collection. There was only one shade in the whole palette I didn't really care for. Other than eyes are happy.
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Brush #12: Obviously, I loved this brush. I wrote more in-depth about it recently, so I won't bore you with how great I think it is. ;)
  • Lush Tea Tree Water and Ultrabland Cleanser: I'm loving Lush more and more these days. My skin is  eternally grateful to them, and I've been loving these two products! Tea Tree Water is a toner, and Ultrabland is a cleanser/makeup remover. I will write more about these in a skin care post coming up.
  • Dose of Colors Lip Gloss in Attitude: I've gotten so much use out of this gloss! I meant to save it til Spring, but it's been over 70 degrees here, so I cheated. Oh well! Even though I don't feel like it's a stand-alone gloss as everyone else out there seems to think, I use it over Mac's Snob, and it gives me the most perfect Barbie lips ever.
  • Eyetini Shadow Tint in Spiced Rum: I didn't think I'd love this as much as I do, but I was pleasantly surprised. It served as a great base and also looks great on its own. Thanks Ipsy!
  • City Color Be Matte Blush in Fresh Melon: Another Ipsy item in my favorites for the month! I'm on a roll!! This blush is absolutely gorgeous and I just love the texture. It looks great on. I even used it on my eyes as a transition shade a couple of times, for more coppery and pink looks. It worked really well for me.
  • Kat Von D Esperanza Palette: Holy moly, this palette is awesome! It was my first KVD eye shadow purchase, and I'm super happy so far. I'll have a full review on this soon. For now, let me just tell's a must have!

I don't have any true unfavorites, but I do have an "eh" item. siiiiigh...

  • Dose of Colors Lipstick in Dark Secrets:  I do like this lipstick, but the color is way more red-toned than I expected. Also, it stains like crazy. It's just not as amazing as all the reviews I've seen of the brand's other lipsticks. I will probably still try more of their products some day. This shade just sadly isn't going to be a go-to like I hoped it would be. BUT, it's still use-able and I know it won't be going to waste.

Feel free to link to your monthly faves in the comments below!

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