Monday, February 10, 2014

First Impression: Dose of Colors

Some of you may know that I did a "no-buy" in January (sort of). And you may also know that I finally made my first Dose of Colors purchase on February 1st! I waited the entire month of January for this little haul. I did my research, watched YouTube videos, scoured Instagram, and finally chose my items. I wanted to try so many things, but I finally settled on one each from their lipsticks, lip gloss, and lashes. If you're not familiar with Dose of Colors, it's a fairly new brand founded by "MakeupByAnna" on Instagram. I've heard rave reviews on all of their products, and I've been dying to check them out. I'm not a very lip-glossy kind of girl, but DoC's glosses are said to be very pigmented, and all the pictures and videos I've seen of their products look great. So I wanted to check them out for myself. Plus their shades are stunnnning! Here is what I ended up with:

The Pros:
  • The gloss is very pigmented, just like everyone said.
  • No weird smells.
  • The lipstick  is very creamy and also great pigmentation.
  • The lashes are amazing...absolutely a must-have.
Dose of Colors Lip Gloss in Attitude
Dose of Colors Lipstick in Dark Secrets

The Cons:
  • A little pricey. When I was adding things to my cart, I was like, "yeah, no problem!" Then when I checked out, I thought..."did I really just pay that much for lashes?!"
  • The applicator on the gloss is a little strange. It's like a very tiny doe-foot applicator. I kind-of like it because you can be very precise. But at the same's a bit odd.
  • The lipstick stains a lot. After removing my makeup, my lips were still very bright pink.
  • The gloss, at least for me, can't be worn alone like a lot of people claim. You can still see my natural lips peeking through. Maybe my lips are freakishly pigmented? I don't know.
  • It's always a little scary to purchase something online without ever having seen it in person. Although I'm not disappointed with anything, I would love if they were available at Sephora or something, where I could play with them and test out the colors instead of having to try to find someone on YouTube with my coloring...not an easy task.

The Verdict:
I'm happy with the products I have, and would certainly recommend them to a friend. However, they're not my favorites, and I would have to really want a specific shade in order to purchase from them again. That being said...I want two specific shades and probably will buy them at some point ;) I did have to re-apply the gloss midway through the morning, after lunch, and midway through the afternoon. I'm not used to doing that, so it was a little annoying. I'm used to wearing lipstick that lasts all day, and maybe have to touch up after lunch. I'll definitely wear the gloss with lipstick underneath from now on, so it'll hopefully cut down on having to do touch-ups.

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