Monday, February 24, 2014

First Impression: NUME Hair Mask

I received a trial of this hair mask in my latest Ipsy bag. I've heard great things about NUME, but I've never tried any of their products because, let's be honest, they're freakin expensive. I tried to find this exact product on their website, but I wasn't able to locate it. I don't know the exact cost of a full size, but I'm guessing it's somewhere between $20-$35. I just bought a jar of my usual Organix mask for $5. Mmmmhmmm. I used this the same way I usually use my hair masks: I shampooed/conditioned as normal, then applied it to my hair and left it on for a couple of hours. After rinsing it out, I wrapped my hair in a towel until just damp. Then I sprayed my Redken heat protector on before blowdrying.

Don't mind my wrinkly fingers...I take long showers!

The Pros:
  • It really left my hair feeling great. Soft and silky.

The Cons:
  • It smells like a rose garden and/or funeral home. I hate floral scents. Some of you may consider that a pro. I do not!
  • When drying & flat ironing my hair, it gave off a very chemical/burning smell. Borderline scary.
  • My hair looks a little flat. No shine like I'm used to with other hair masks.
  • It tastes terrible (haha...don't ask!).
  • There was not a lot of product in the trial. I wish there was just a little bit more. It didn't cover from root to tip, so I mostly used it from the middle of the hair shaft to the tips. My scalp and roots went product-less.
The Verdict/An Open Letter to NUME:
When the cons outweigh the pros, it's safe to say the product isn't for me. However...if anyone out there at NUME is listening...can you be a bit more generous with your samples? How is anyone supposed to give your products a fair try when the trial size doesn't cover a full head of hair?! And your pricing is absurd. I mean...when you are having 70% off sales left and right, giving free products to gurus all the time, and everyone and their mama has a coupon code for $150 or more off... Wouldn't it make more sense to just lower your prices a little bit and keep them consistent? I know I, for one, would be more apt to make a purchase if I knew everyone was getting the same price across the board and I didn't have to wait to be "lucky enough" to receive free products or 70% off. Just sayin.

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