Saturday, February 1, 2014

January 2014 Favorites and Unfavorites

I think it just occurred to me that I haven't been including the year on my favorites posts. Rookie blogger mistake! I'll try to remember that from now on. Also, I'm trying something new...adding Unfavorites to my end-of-month post.

Even though I was on an Unofficial No-Buy this month, I managed to snag some things with gift cards, and I did allow myself a couple of LE items. So I do have favorites to share. Yaaaaaaaay! What would I do without favorites?! And I got a couple of things from HauteLook at the end of December which I started trying out this month. Which is why I sadly have Unfavorites to speak of :(

I have a lot of products between favorites & unfavorites this month, so I won't go into anything in-depth. But I will definitely post swatches, reviews, etc on my favorites if I haven't gotten to them already.

Let's start with the good stuff...

And now...the disappointments :(

  • The Balm Skincare: These three items did nothing for my skin. I take that back. They ruined my face. At December's end, I had probably the clearest skin I'd had in a very long time. This month, I had all kinds of breakouts. I usually get one hormonal breakout a month. Redness here and there. Little bumps off and on. This month, I had at least one big giant glaring zit every few days. It's ridiculous. My redness is the worst it's been in months. I'm so upset, because I really was looking forward to trying these items. And now I have to work harder to reverse the damage. I decided I was too sad to write a whole review on these, but if y'all want to see a full review, let me know. I'll be switching back to my tried and true products now that my stupid no-buy is over.

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