Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Julep Maven Introductory Box

Hello everyone! For a long time now, I've been teetering on the idea of subscribing to the Julep Maven Box. I even signed up on their site, created my profile, and took the quiz. Then, I backed out of subbing. I already subscribe to Ipsy, and I don't want to have all these different boxes rolling in. I feel like that eats up my makeup money and I want to be able to shop impulsively ;)

BUT THEN...Jackie at Five Two Certified posted her latest box and I fell in love. Such great products! They could've been in MY mail box!

So I bit the bullet and subscribed. Like with Ipsy, they have you fill out a personality quiz. Also like with Ipsy...I answered the quiz honestly and the result was something I didn't care for. I keep having to go back and manipulate my answers on Ipsy so that I get products I'm more excited about. But with Julep, they let you know what your results are (I'm an It Girl), but let you opt for one of the other boxes instead. I chose Boho Glam. For people that know me...this might sound strange. I'm not a fan of the Boho trend in the slightest. However, the shades they showed were the most appealing to me. For the monthly boxes, they send out an email letting you know what to expect, and you have a few days to log on to chose a different box if you prefer. So it's not as big of a surprise as Ipsy, but I'm the kind of girl that tears through the house looking for my Christmas and birthday presents before my husband has a chance to wrap them. He's had to get creative and hide them at work. But I digress...

Shades from L to R:
Bunny, Elle, Libby

Follow this link and use code "FREEBOX" to get started free(ish)! I paid $3.99 shipping for my free box, but I think it was definitely worth it!! You may already know that I've recently fallen in love with white polish on my toes (not my hands, I find that gross). The plum shade is really gorgeous, and that tealy-green is beautiful! At first I was like, "these little file blocks suck." But I think I'll still get some good use out of them when I polish my toes. And now I have to sit here and wait for my next box! Ughhhhh...torture!

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