Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mini First Impression: Get This/Not That

Hey all...these are two products I've been hearing a lot about recently. I had the chance to swing by Sephora today and swatched two shades of each brand. Sidenote: You should all be very proud of me because I walked out without spending any money! After letting the swatches fare through the day, I wanted to quickly give my thoughts on both. I was surprised to see which I actually liked best! I decided to turn it into a mini Get This/Not That ;)

Get This

Smashbox Always Sharp Waterproof Kohl Liners: I saw Tiffany D (Makeup By Tiffany D on YouTube) mention these liners in a recent video. I don't think I've tried anything from Smashbox before, or at least in several years. I was surprised at how much I ended up liking them...these liners did NOT budge. My hubbs and I were out for the whole day and I washed my hands several times. This photo was taken after at least my second hand wash. The top two swatches are the Smashbox liners. You can see that even though the second shade is a little faded, it's still a solid line. The top shade had the most staying power.  The color range is mostly dark, but all very pretty. They come in 3D and regular, with 3D being their shimmery shades. I'll definitely be ordering the Smashbox liners. I rarely find colored liners that are both lovely and long-lasting. Plus they're self-sharpening, so you always have a nice point. I'm in love!!

Smashbox: Cabana
Smashbox: 3D Pacific
Stila: Canary
Stila: Mint Julep

Not That

Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liners: I thought I was going to fall in love with these! I've seen both xSparkage and Queen of Blending rave about them! However, these swatches had no staying power! Even before washing my hands, they were fading. How is something supposed to withstand my waterline if it can't survive being untouched?! I really wanted to love these, because the shades are so unique and beautiful. Sadly, they just don't cut it for me. They also had gorgeous shades in their liquid liner, but the testers were completely dry and I wasn't able to swatch them. So disappointing!

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