Friday, February 21, 2014

The Empties

Hey all! So....I have two empties this time. Exciting, huh?! I cheated a little because I photographed the first empty and never got around to posting about it. So now that I've gotten to a second item, I'm forcing myself to blog about it!

  •  Enkore Brush Soap in Tangerine: I really love this stuff. It makes cleaning brushes soooo easy and quick. You can see in the picture above, all that's left of it is the loofa side. When it's un-empty, the loofa is attached to a piece of soap. So you lather up on one side, and scrub if necessary on the other side. It smells delicious, and gets your brushes really clean and soft. I think I got this in August and it lasted me until now. It would've run out about six weeks ago, but I started using my Lush cleaners and didn't use this little guy as much.  So for about $13 including shipping, you get about 4-5 months worth of use. I like to clean my brushes a lot, especially since I'll wear bright green one day, then neutrals the next, then hot pink after I can't keep my brushes clean enough! One thing I didn't like, is that you obviously have to rinse off the loofa side after getting product all in it. But in doing so, you lose a little of the soap, too.

  • Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel: Dermalogica is a brand I really trust. I received the jumbo size of this stuff as a gift a while ago, and it's really what got me into skin care. When I went to buy myself a bottle, I was a little sticker-shocked. I know Dermalogica is not cheap, but still...! This trial size was $10. I just went for it because I was leaving on a trip and needed cleanser. The 8.4 oz will run you about $35. This cleanser really works for me. I like the consistency, but it doesn't foam up a whole lot. I like foam...what can I say.

The Verdict:
I would've hands-down repurchased both of these products if I ran out a few months ago. However, I've discovered other products now that I like more. I started using two different Lush products (Rehab Shampoo and Dirty Spring Wash Shower Gel) to clean my brushes, and I just feel like they do a better job...especially with my Beauty Blender. For now, I have another trial-sized Dermalogica cleanser I'm trying out. I also have my Philosphy Purity cleanser. But I do really want to go back to Lush for my next cleanser. I'm starting to have a bit of a Lush problem. That being said, I still do highly recommend both of these products, and I may eventually purchase them again. Who knows?!

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