Wednesday, March 19, 2014

First Impression: Real Techniques

I FINALLY caved and bought some Real Techniques brushes and sponges! Thanks to Ulta having a one-day sale on all RT products. "One-Day Sale" is pretty much all I need to hear in order to purchase just about anything. I ended up with two sponges, for a few reasons. First, my Beauty Blender was on its last leg. Second, they're never in stock at the store. Third, I was pretty confident I would love it, based on the multiple good reviews I've seen on it. Lastly, duh...they were on sale. And I also bought the "Starter Kit" set of brushes. I'd eyed them at Ulta but I passed on them. Now that they were on sale, I went for it. Plus, I found a coupon code on my Retail Me Not app for $3.50 off, which helped offset the cost of the shipping.

The Miracle Complexion Sponge

The Pros:
  • I love how this applies my foundation. After trying and failing with another sponge, I was worried. Especially since when I took it out of the packaging, it felt really hard. But as soon as I dampened it, it  became super soft and feels great on my skin.
  • Inexpensive (about $5 each compared to the Beauty Blender for $20ish). I bought two for less than the price of one BB which cost me $13 with my friend's discount.
  • I love that it has a flat and a rounded side. It helps me get better, more even coverage compared to the BB.
The Cons:
  • It's not bright pink. That's the thing I'll miss the most from my BB!

The Verdict:
I love it! I can't even call it a dupe for the Beauty Blender, because the shape is so different, and dare I say better! I would definitely recommend giving this one a try. I know I've always stuck up for the Beauty Blender's price point, because even though it sounds expensive, it's a good price compared to that of a good brush. However, if you can get the same (or better) result from the cheaper RT's a no-brainer. I'm glad I went for it and bought two.

The Starter Kit Brushes

The brushes included in this kit are:
  • Base Shadow Brush: I've been using this for nose contouring. It's too large for my eyeballs.
  • Deluxe Crease Brush: A nice blender. I like the taper on it.
  • Accent Brush: This has been amaaaaaaazing to blend out my lower lash line. I don't have anything in my brush arsenal that I like for that purpose as much as this brush.
  • Pixel Point Eyeliner Brush: Haven't used this. Not sure that I ever will!
  • Brow Brush: No bueno for brows. But I've used it for liner and it works pretty well.
The Pros:
  • Inexpensive. Even when they're not on sale, it's a good value.
  • Soft bristles. I hate trying to blend shadows and having the feeling of needles poking your eyelids. None of that going on with these brushes!
The Cons:
  • They're very short. I know that may not bother some people, but I have to dig around for them in my brush holder. Borderline deal breaker.
  • Not the greatest quality, as far as results go. They feel nice, but they don't get the job done as well as my other brushes.
  • The little travel kit they come in is absolute junk. Straight to the garbage with that thing.
The Verdict:
I do like these brushes. Given the value, I'm not disappointed with my purchase. However, I don't feel like these are as amazing as I've heard other people say they are. They're cheap-ish, but they're just ok for me. I haven't seen them sold individually, which would be nice. I don't have a ton of use for the whole kit. If they sold the blending brushes individually and made the handles longer, I'd be all over that. I always need extra blending brushes!

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