Sunday, March 16, 2014

Ipsy Glam Bag: March 2014

After being moderately disappointed with Julep and their freakin stick of candy this month, I really needed Ipsy to come through for me. And guess what...they did! I really like this month's bag, with the exception of one item. But we'll get into that later. Here's the whole bag:

  • Vita Liberata Luxury Tan Lotion in Medium: I'll just start off with the one product I don't like. This was the first thing I pulled out of the bag, and you should've seen my face. Not amused. I know that somewhere in their questionnaire, I answered that I'm a naturally tan girl. So I just don't get what I'm supposed to do with this. It's not even one of those things I'd try just for kicks. I don't even know anyone who uses self tanner. So this is a total throw-away.

  • Chella Eye Liner Pen in Indigo Blue: I've never heard of this brand, but I'm really happy with this liner. I've already used it and it held up pretty well through the day. I can see myself using this up.

  • Bare Minerals Moxie Lipstick in Get Ready: This lipstick reminds me of something my grandmother used to wear. Luckily, my grandma was a super stylish lady. So I actually kind-of like this one. The formula is super creamy. It felt really nice on my lips, and had nice color payoff. This will probably be one I keep in my purse for emergencies...for me, it's super wearable for every day.

  • Bombshell  Eyeshadow Quad in Bora Bora: I love the colors in this quad. It's really right up my alley. I've already used it once, over Maybelline's Color Tattoo in Bold Gold, which made a really great base for these shadows. I also used the turquoise shade to smudge out the Chella liner on my lower lash line. The quality of the shadows reminds me a lot of Urban Decay, which you all know for me is a negative. They're super chalky, with a lot of fall out, and not very pigmented. I swatched them over shadow primer in the photo below. I packed (and packed, and packed) the color on, but it still shows up very sheer. This quad is a good little emergency quad to keep at work, but I wouldn't use it on a daily basis. If I'm ever running super late, I know I can throw my Color Tattoo on and finish up my makeup during lunch time. Happens to the best of us.

Overall, I liked this bag. With the exception of the self-tanner, which is just dumb, everything else is useable and two of the items are things I will probably use up completely. So I consider that a success. The quad is something that will come in handy. Even though it's not my favorite thing ever, I'm sure I'll still use it enough to be happy. Feel free to link your Ipsy bags in the comments below! I always like to see what everyone else's bags look like!

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