Sunday, March 9, 2014

Julep Maven Box: March 2014

My first real Julep Maven box is here! I'm so excited! The thing I love about the Maven box versus other subscription boxes, is that I already know what to expect. They select a box for you based on a quiz. A week before shipping starts, they send you an email to let you know what they've selected. Then, you have the option to keep your box, choose a new one, or upgrade to receive a crap ton of polishes (an additional $25 plus the monthly subscription cost).  According to my questionnaire, I'm an "It Girl." However, I didn't see myself using all three of the "It Girl" polishes. So I switched over to the "Bombshell" box, which included two polishes and a gloss. The polish shades were set, but they did let me choose which gloss I wanted. And here's what I got!

I broke my phone between receiving the box and writing
this post. Some pictures got lost, so I don't have my "in-
the-box" pic. Just imagine the above in a box of blue fluff.

The two polishes I got are Lilou (pale yellow), and Monaco (cobalt blue). The gloss is Adored (pink), which reminds me of my Dose of Colors gloss in Attitude, but it's much more sheer.  On the lips, it actually doesn't show up much at all, but it adds a nice shine when I don't want to go super matte. All the shades are absolutely perfect for Spring. I know I'll use them quite a bit. Just from swatching Monaco on the cap,  it seems a bit streaky, but I know how to deal with that, so I'm not too worried! ;)  Lilou swatched so nicely...I can't wait to paint my toes with it! I already have a line of polishes waiting for my Springtime pedis! Where am I gonna find that kind of time?!

Gloss swatch. I really blobbed it on there so you could see
the color. It's actually quite sheer.

I was super disappointed to see that my "surprise exclusive item" was a stick of candy. I literally picked through the packing fluff to check if I had missed something. I read the card like eighteen times. Did I get an incomplete box?! Supposedly, the contents of each box are said to be at least $40. The polishes and gloss combined were $38.40. And that piece of candy can't be more than ten cents. So the way I see it...Julep owes me a dollar fifty. You think I'm kidding....but I'm quite serious.

I love the concept of this box - as far as getting to choose your own contents, and it's always excited to receive treats in the mail. However, I don't see myself staying subscribed to this box long term. As most of you probably know, I get gel manicures, and I only use regular polish on my toes. So I don't need three or more new polishes monthly. But I'm definitely keeping it for now. I LOVE the quality of Julep polishes, so I would like a couple more before I unsubscribe. I just don't think it's worth it to give someone twenty bucks a month for a couple polishes. I know they retail for $14 ($11.20 Maven price), but I typically spend $9 or less for polish. So it just doesn't add up to me.  Which I'm very sad about! I'm definitely on the hunt for a new subscription box. Feel free to link to your Julep box below...I'd love to see everyone's new goodies! Also if you have a new box suggestion for me, let me know! :)

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