Sunday, March 23, 2014


I love my latest mani! After asking around at work, I learned that my boss doesn't have anything against bright nails. So I did some damage ;) It's been hot here some days, then really cold other days. I'm ready for constant sunshine and warmth, so I brought the party to my nails. I chose a bright orange with a little shimmer, and topped the party nail with confetti glitter:

I forgot to take a good picture with my fresh mani, so they've grown out a little since then :( But you get the idea!! The funny thing about it is that I get my nails done with one of my best friends. We usually sit right next to each other, but this past week, she forgot to text our lady for an appointment until later in the day, so I ended up with a new lady on the opposite side of the shop. When we walked out together to pay, she shows me her mani, and this is what she got:

She ended up going with a light pink and the exact same glitter for her party nail! We are so opposite when it comes to nails. 99% of the time, she goes for a french mani. Lately, she's been getting just the light pink. So it's funny and weird that we ended up choosing the same glitter. I've also used the same glitter over black before. I personally like it best on the black and her light pink. But I'm still happy with my bright nails.

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