Monday, March 24, 2014

Pictorial: Depotting Sugarpill Eye Shadows

Hello my pretties! In my Makeup Geek first impression post, I talked about buying that new Z-Palette. And now the time has come to show you why I got it! I've been wanting to get all my Sugarpill shadows in one place for a long time. I do love their packaging, but cute packaging isn't enough to convince me to let things take up extra space. Especially since three of the quads are one size, the Cold Chemistry palette was a different size, and then I had two single shadows. I'd seen online that you can buy a long Pro-Palette-sized palette, but I have six more shadows than the Pro-Palette, so that did me no good. I took a leap of faith and just bought the biggest Z-Palette on MUG's website, and it ended up working perfectly! I sat down last weekend for my depot-a-thon, so I thought I'd share some photos and tips for depotting. I hope this helps some of you! If not...I don't know what to tell ya.

  • Flat Iron. I set mine to roughly 350 degrees.
  • Wax paper. This will protect your flat iron.
  • A towel, paper towel, etc. Just something to protect your workspace. I used a towel because it protects a little from the heat of the flat iron.
  • Alcohol. I like the pads, and I happen to have a stock pile of them. Liquid works just as well.
  • Knife. I love this tiny Pampered Chef knife. I keep it with my beauty supplies, actually! It's super thin, so it gets into the grooves easily and avoids accidentally stabbing your shadows.

  • Once your flat iron heats up, place your single shadow on as shown for about 30 seconds. This will loosen up the label. Don't leave it on the heat for too long, or the label will melt into the wax paper.
  • Then place the shadow back on the flat iron. This takes a long time and a lot of patience. Did I photograph this process? Of course not. I had a senior moment. Every so often, you want to take the shadow off, and push on the bottom surface. You will feel it give a little when it's ready.
  • Once you feel that, you want to turn it back over. You'll see where the pan has raised off the edge a little. You want to wedge the knife between that raised edge and gently pry it up. BE CAREFUL. You'll see in the final photo that I nicked my Bulletproof shadow a little. :(
  • When it pops out, and while it's still hot, lay it face-down on the towel and place an alcohol pad or an alcohol-soaked cotton pad on top. You want to leave the wipe there for a few second and then wipe the glue off the backing. You can also soak it in alcohol once it cools down, but I find it easiest to remove the glue while it's still warm.

  • Save the label for when you have deported the shadow. This is optional...You can also just write the shadow names on the back with a sharpie, but I like how this looks.

  • Sugarpill quads are probably the easiest shadows I've ever depotted. You just wedge the knife between the pan and the cardboard and give it a little wiggle. Take your time here. Even though they pop out pretty easily, if you rush it, you can crack the shadows. If the first wiggle doesn't pop it out, wedge the knife into a new spot and keep wiggling. You can tell from the edge of the cardboard of the already-depotted shadow that there are a couple of dents in it. That's where I had to re-locate and re-wiggle. I like saying wiggle...can ya tell?

  • The finished product...My entire Sugarpill collection in one neat little package! I'm beyond happy with how this turned out. I  only poked one of the shadows, but it's very minor damage. The key with depotting is to work very slowly and patiently. Patience is not my strong suit, but these shadows are my babies, so I sucked it up.

  • And these are my current depotted shadows! You can see in the upper right palette that a lot of them are damaged. Those were sent to me by a friend and were damaged during shipping, not during depotting. So don't worry...your shadows will not look like that!

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