Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Product Review (With Video): Kat Von D Lock-It Foundations & Rehab Primer

Hey everyone! I know I've talked about reviewing these before...I just dragged my feet on them because first, I ran out of my first bottle of foundation. Then, when I bought the second bottle, it turned out to be WAY too dark for my skin tone. THEN, I finally got a new bottle which matches me...but I've been super busy and battling allergies like no other! So here it is...FINALLY!

Lock-It Liquid Foundation:
I use shade Medium 54. For reference, I use MAC NC30, which is a little more yellow. The only thing I don't like about this foundation is their numbering system. I used to use Medium 58...when I got a little less tan, I thought, "I'll just buy #56." NO. It was soooo dark and red-toned! I don't know how their numbering system works, so this is a must-try IN STORES. Don't just order online because you're guaranteed to end up with the wrong shade. This is FULL coverage, folks. If you like light or medium coverage, you may want to steer clear of this foundation! For's amazing. I don't use it on a daily basis. On the days I do use it for work, I mix it with MAC's Studio Fix Fluid to thin it out a little. And you know something is THICK when you use Studio Fix Fluid to thin it out! I always apply it with a damp Beauty Blender (or other sponge). A little goes a loooooong way with this stuff. So start off with a tiny bit of product and work up from there. You definitely do NOT want to use as much foundation as you normally do, because once it's on's on there. I love this foundation because it covers my dark spots and my redness. It doesn't look like I have naturally flawless skin up close. You can definitely tell I have foundation on! But when I know I'm going to be in pictures, or when I'm going to be out all day/night and I don't want to worry about my foundation sliding around, this is the best foundation I've found for that.

Lock-It Powder Foundation:
I  use shade Medium 57, which is actually a little lighter than the liquid foundation in Medium 54. See what I mean about crazy numbering systems? Confusing. But I do like this powder a lot. It's another full coverage item, so layering the two may seem excessive to some people. If you like just using powder, this is a great one! Again...try it in the store first!!  This is super comparable to MAC Studio Fix Powder, but I do like the KVD one a little better. My Studio Fix powder ends up looking like fish scales after a know what I'm talking about? That hasn't happened at all with my Lock-It powder. If you're using this combined with the liquid foundation, just use it with a VERY light hand. I only apply it in my t-zone when I'm using the Lock-It liquid foundation. I only apply it all over when I use it with any other foundation.

Rehab Priming Elixer:
I did a video using all three of these products to see if the primer actually works or not. I've always secretly thought that face primers are a hoax. But I got this one because the powder and liquid foundations were so amazing, that I thought it would be equally great. So in the video, I used Rehab on only half of my face and went about my day. The result? The non-primer side actually won with this one! I'll keep using the primer, just because I have it, so why not. But I was super surprised to see that the primer side of my face looked more oily than the side with foundation and powder alone. So of all three products, this is the only one I don't really recommend. BUT, like I said, I never believed that primers did much anyway. So it's my dumb fault for buying one.

Please excuse the fact that I look like a convict. The left side of the photo is with zero makeup. The right side is with the liquid foundation. You can tell I have a couple of dark spots from blemishes on the left side of the photo, which are not noticeable at all in the photos below:

On the left is my full face with the primer, foundation, and powder, with bronzer (because I forgot to take a picture pre-bronzer). The right side is with full makeup. Just so you know how long I've been trying to do this post...this makeup was from the weekend before St. Patrick's Day. Back when I still had an arch in my brows ;)

My makeup from the actual video. I listed everything I used in the video, so make sure you watch!

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