Monday, May 26, 2014

Guest Post - Review & Swatches: Urban Decay Electric Palette

I'm beyond excited to bring you guys this guest post! My good friend Angie is a talented makeup artist and all-around amazing person. Ever since she abandoned me to go live across the country, there has been a little hole in my heart. Thankfully, we manage to find time in between time zones to keep in touch. I asked her to review Urban Decay's Electric Palette for a few reasons...

  • I don't plan to buy it, but I was curious and wanted to share.
  • She has created several stunning looks which you can see on her Instagram (@beautynthegym)
  • I totally trust her judgement. Even though I'm not a UD fan, she wouldn't steer anyone in the wrong direction. She doesn't just jump on bandwagons...she is completely honest. 
  • And I secretly want her to see how fun writing is, and trick her into blogging.

Hopefully, she will have her own blog and YouTube channel soon...I will keep y'all posted! I know you guys want to see the Electric Palette, so I'll stop rambling! On to the review:

Hello Lovelies!!

So I'm here to tell you all how AMAZING the new Urban Decay Electric pressed pigment palette is. I mean, just in case you didn't know already. I instantly fell in love with this palette when I saw photos of it. So when I saw it in person and actually got to swatch it, it was an instant, "I have to have this!" And I purchased it the day it released.

Now, I am a total sucker for bright colored shadows. You name it, I'll wear it. Which is one of the main reasons this palette appealed to me. However, not everyone is like me and wants a pretty rainbow on their eyelid when they walk out the door. I constantly get the, "Omg, those are way too bright for me!" And while all the colors put together may be a bit much for the average person, I always say this, "What about the time you'll need an amazing silver eyeshadow for a smoky eye? Or a nice pink blush?" I try to tell my friends and people who are skeptical on this palette and it's brightness to not see every color together, but more so individually. But hey, if you love all the brightness as much as I do, you are my kind of person! And if you're not, that's ok too. You can still get some use out of it. :)

The color pay-off in this palette is AHMAZING!! I swatches all the colors below with and without primer, and as you can see, the difference is pretty minimal and the color goes on awesome with and without primer.

Don't forget that these are not just "eyeshadows," they are pressed pigments. What does that mean, exactly? That you can use all of these colors however you please! Savage & Jilted make for some beautiful blushes, if you have a fair skin tone, you may even be able to use Urban (mixed with some Jilted) as a blush as well. I've seen it on, and it's absolutely gorgeous! They can be mixed in with lipgloss as well! Dispense some lipgloss on the back of your hand, grab some color from the palette (my favorite is Jilted & Savage mixed together), mix it with your finger in the gloss and apply. The possibilities are endless! Apply it to your hair for some colorful streaks, mix it with nail polish, body art...and do I have to say Halloween?? It's never too early to start getting ideas now!

I could go on for days about the many uses of this palette, seriously. But I think you get the point. It's amazing, go pick it up, it's life changing. Really, it is. On a side note, there are a couple colors that aren't approved to be worn on the eye area. Those colors are Slowburn, Savage, Jilted, and Urban. I have used all of these colors on my eyes and I can still see straight. So while I am ok, use at your own discretion. My lids were a little stained when I took off my makeup, but that only lasted one night, so it didn't bother me at all.

Thank you so much for reading about my obsession with this palette! And thank you so much to Cella for letting me write in her space!! <3

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