Monday, June 23, 2014

Mood Mondays: Grateful

I grew up with a fairly tiny that has gotten smaller over time. Seems a little backwards, but we're shrinking! Those of us left at the core have become closer through the years. I can say that even though we had our share of issues, we are closer now than ever.

Being from a tiny family, my brain went into shock when I married into my husband's mega huge family! I still don't understand how so many people can be related to each other! Lol. His family is enormous, and they have all been very welcoming to me. A few of the cousins were in town over the weekend, and we got to visit with them. 

Any time he or I have family in town, it's such a treat. I always hear about people not getting along with their in-laws, and I'm such a lucky girl, because I don't know what that's like! I'm so grateful to not only be part of a family that loves me and my sweet hubbs, but to have married into a family that has treated me like one of their own from day one. And the fact that they all come visit us often is an added bonus!

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