Monday, June 16, 2014

Mood Mondays: (un) Inspired

Hey everyone! I was so excited to open my email the other day and find a sweet invitation to join the Mood Mondays post from my beautiful blogger friend Vero, of Vero Says. Hopefully I'll be able to link up successfully, but if I can't figure it out by this time tomorrow...just pretend for me. I'm not smart at things like buttons and link ups. 

ANYWAY...I've been having a lot of moods lately. So this is perfect for me. One of the most imposing moods in my life has been "uninspired." You may or may not have noticed, but my blog has been very unbloggy lately. Even my YouTube videos feel ruttish. Yes, I'm making up words, but only because no one has made better words to describe these things yet. When I was filming my latest YT video, I started feeling like all my videos lately are either Ipsy unbaggings or Favorites/Unfavorites. Every time I sit down to film something else, it ends up being a borderline disaster and I scrap the whole thing. My blog has taken a back seat in life lately. I don't know why...I definitely have the time. I just don't have the inspiration lately.

At first, I thought...This will give me something to write about every week, so at least I'll be posting. Then I realized, this is actually giving my inspiration a little boost! I no longer see it as a way to get a blog post out of the way. I see it as an opportunity to share a little about myself in between all the beauty blogging/vlogging. So a big thanks to Vero for turning my un-inspiration into a major inspiration! Sometimes, you just need a little push to turn your mood around. Sometimes, it's as simple as opening your email in the morning. You never know what someone else is going through in their life. Weather it's a true bad day or just a little funk, sometimes just being kind in a seemingly small way can make a big impact.

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