Friday, July 18, 2014

From Beach Bum to Boardwalk Babe

Hey everyone! I'm super excited to bring you this post, because it's a huge collaboration with several amazing bloggers. Thanks so much to Tanya at Leopard Lace and Cheesecake for setting this up!

I grew up in California, so I'm no stranger to trying to look presentable after a day at the beach. Plus, my husband and I love going to beachy destinations on vacation. We don't live near any beaches now, but there are  plenty of pools to satisfy my beach bum needs ;)

After the beach (or pool, in my case), we usually go somewhere local for snacks and drinks. Since I don't like to look like a bum (never not glamorous, duh!), I always bring along a few items to touch up a little before heading out. Here is what I usually bring along to get myself looking more like a mermaid than something the ocean spit up:

  • Tarte BB Cream in Medium: This provides a really nice coverage without looking like you have heavy makeup on. I wear this any time I go to the pool, so I just touch up a little when we head out. 
  • Lime Crime Velvetine in Pink Velvet: This is a liquid lipstick, which is perfect for throwing in a beach bag because you don't have to worry about it melting. Plus, it provides excellent and long-lasting coverage. I love makeup I don't have to worry about!
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Ebony: I used to never fill in my brows. Now that I do, I look weird to myself with them. This stuff is pretty resilient, but I like to have it in case I wipe half a brow off. Can't go to dinner with a brow and a half!
  • Systane lid wipes: Not a makeup item, but an essential none the less. I use this to clean up any smudged eye shadow. And since it's one little wipe, I don't have to carry a whole pack of wipes with me (Find these at your pharmacy/drugstore next to the contact lens solution).
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil in Rockstar: This is what I wear in my waterline and to tight-line whenever I go to the pool. So I bring it along to touch up just in case. It's a pretty dark brown shade, so it's not overly dramatic for daytime.
  • Bobby Pins & a Hair Tie: I hate wearing my hair up, but sometimes, it leaves me no other choice. I always have these just in case!

The finished product!
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