Friday, July 4, 2014

Guest Post: PHAMExpo Product Purchase Review

I'm thrilled to bring you a new guest post from my good friend and fellow YouTuber, Eddie MC.  I've known Eddie for most of my life and have always seen her as part-sibling. So when she texted me one day telling me she was thinking of starting on YouTube, I was beyond excited. Especially because it was right when I was getting ready to start my channel as well.  She's been a major help in getting my channel started, she's been there when I needed to vent about not hitting RECORD, or when it took me over 48 hours go get a video uploaded...and I'm just super proud of her for taking the leap to start YouTube. You guys just have to check her out...she talks about everything from beauty, to DIY projects, to advice with major life decisions. And for a young'un, she gives excellent advice! Plus she posts very regularly. Here is her review on the products she got at PHAMExpo, and a link to her video will be down at the bottom. Definitely visit her...she's got some cool things coming up!!

Hello beautiful people! 
I’m so excited to be a guest blogger, no pressure! So let’s get started  =)
All of the products were purchased at PHAMExpo, so without further ado…

1. Miss Adoro Eyelash Curler. I LOVE IT! I honestly can’t remember the last time I bought an eyelash curler (no judgment) but now I don’t need to. It didn’t pinch the crap out of my lashes or pull them out, and it gave my lashes an amazing curl. 

2. Making You Cosmetics Lip Gloss. I think the color is Diva… but I’m not too sure. I was hesitant due to its brown shimmery hue. It appeared to make my lips dark which was expected but it wasn’t bad. It’s more of a winter color because of its darker shade and it has shimmers up the butt so if you’re into that then this is a product for you!

3. Sedona Eye Shadows. Now unfortunately because they are samples they don’t have names, so I made up my own. Up first we have Sedona Copper, which has great color payoff (I was pleasantly surprised). Cream Soda is meh. It looks like an orange Sweetie but I’m sure it doesn’t taste as good. It has an orange undertone but all I got was a white matte color. It could be used as a base and that’s exactly what I plan on using it for, maybe even a brow highlight. Cotton Candy, well the name says it all. It’s a bright pink but wearable when worn correctly. It has a hint of shimmer in the pan but I didn’t see much shimmer on my lid, which doesn’t bother me, in fact that’s what makes it wearable. Lastly, Eddie’s Room is a shimmery turquoise that sucks. It wasn’t very pigmented and there was TONS of fallout. If you don’t believe me check out the video.

4. Makeup Geek Eye Shadow in Razzleberry. I am so happy to finally own a Makeup Geek product. This shadow is beautiful! It is super pigmented and applies really well. I can’t wait to buy more.

5. Morphe B15 Eye Shadow Brush. This brush wasn’t bad. I needed a brush for an all purpose application to the lid so this works just fine. 

6. Bdellium 787 Crease Brush. I’ve never owned or worked with a crease brush before so I feel like I need practice lol but the brush is soft. 

7. Real Techniques Accent & Detailer Brush. Ok so these were freebies so I’m not even sure if they’re actual size or not but those little guys sure do work lol. I admit, I don’t know what an accent brush is used for but I’ll figure it out, and if not I’ll improvise.

8. China Glaze No-Chip Top Coat. You know those days when you spend an hour doing your nails and one chips the next day only to discover it while you’re driving, and suddenly all of your rage goes towards that one nail instead of the poop face that’s going 55 mph in the fast lane?!… How much does that suck? Well hopefully this won’t happen. I didn’t personally use this yet but I used it on my mom and this is what I noticed A) The brush is small, be prepared to spend another hour applying topcoat B) As you pull out the brush you swipe it against the bottle to remove excess polish, but as I was applying it to my mom’s nails a blob of it slowly made its way from who knows where and plopped right on the table. The verdict: It is not chlorine proof and acts as a secondary varnish for your table. DO NOT REMOVE WITH ACETONE.

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